Assess whether to relocate with household goods


Now that you have deided to relocate it is time to decide if all, part, or none of your household goods will relocate with you. 

  • Assess whether to relocate with household goods

Need to know

Bear in mind that feeling at home away from home often comes down to having your own belongings at your new destination.

This is particularly important for children and spouses/partners. During the first six months, home will feel connected to the possessions brought along.

How to proceed

Things to consider:

  • Length of time to be spent abroad
  • Family situation
  • Relocation budget – for shipping and/or setting up a
  • new home at your destination
  • Will you be sub-letting? Furnished or unfurnished?
  • The effort and emotions involved in all these options

Consider obtaining the following information:

  • Cost of storage at home
  • Cost of shipping to destination
  • Cost of onward shipping from destination at the end of your assignment
  • Cost of setting up a completely new household at your destination (buying furniture, etc.)


Let the experts handle it for you

Markus Widmann and his team of dedicated Move Managers at Packimpex will make sure your move to or out of Switzerland is stress-free, with nothing left to chance.


Where to find help

Discuss this topic in detail with your family and friends.

You may also wish to speak to your employer, or you can get in touch with Hello Switzerland for advice and support.

Book a Guidance Call

Get expert knowledge and solutions to answer all questions related to researching, relocating and residing in Switzerland.

How much does it cost

Setting up a new household can be done on a budget, though Switzerland is not a low-cost country. Professional international shipping does carry a cost, but there are ways to keep costs low.

Take the time to explore the options, and take the right decision based on facts. Bear in mind that cost is not the only relevant factor – the agreement and happiness of everyone involved in the move is very important.


Take control of your relocation

Free guidance and support lets you take control of your own relocation.

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