Basels leading private school FG Basel – Education made to measure since 1889

As Basel's oldest private school we have stayed true to the excellent Swiss education system and at the same time opened ourselves up to innovative concepts and the international world.


All school levels from Kindergarten to Gymnasium under a single roof

Discovery and development of individual skills

A well-directed pathway to the Swiss Bilingual Matura

A structured day school programme

Values and traditions in a familiar environment

Conformity with the Swiss state school system

FG Basel offers the entire school career from Kindergarten to federally recognised bilingual Matura with a structured day school programme. The decisive advantages of our innovative concept are the optimally harmonised transitions between our different school levels and the conformity with the state schools.

The majority of our lessons are taught in German, although we teach children in English from their first day at school or, if their native language is English, we seek to extend and consolidate their competence in the language. Thanks to our individual German support programme and the in-house "Lernfit and Coaching Programme", kids can easily be integrated in our classes.

One of our main goals is the discovery and development of our pupils' and students' individual skills. Having smaller classes and a qualified teaching staff enables FG Basel to focus on individual talents and needs to best prepare the children for the professional training or university studies lying ahead. This school concept places a particular focus on individual approaches to learning, allowing each child to acquire knowledge and skills at its own pace.

The close ties between schoolmates, teachers, the school and its environment are key to the children's wellbeing and development. The moderate size of the school with around 350 pupils means that nobody disappears in the crowd. FG Basel is proud of its family atmosphere which is a direct result of our active school programmes and a great sense of community. This intimate setting, together with our individual learning approach, contributes greatly to the personal development of the children.

FG Basel is situated in a residential area outside the city centre, yet within easy reach by public transport. The school premises offer excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and a great sense of safety.

FG Basel is a day school that offers care from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm for Kindergarten up to secondary level. In our canteen we offer meals prepared by our own chefs. The day-to-day structure, with joint lunches or jointly taken courses of our extensive after school programme, offers an ideal opportunity to meet other students and pupils and to make friends for a lifetime.

FG Basel considers itself a private alternative to state schools, not competing with them, but complementing them, and thus contributing to a more diverse range of high quality education.

FG Basel understands how essential it is for families to find the right school for their children and therefore organises a wide range of Open House days, listed on our web site, and is also happy to arrange a suitable date and time for an individual visit.

Author: Belinda Cousin

Belinda Cousin is an economist and looks back on a broad career in business and education, teaching and managing schools in the UK and Switzerland. She has been Head of FG Basel since 2014.

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