Cancellation of utilities

  • Find all your contracts and review their cancellation terms
  • Cancel at the appropriate time: Phone, internet, TV
  • Cancel at the appropriate time: Billag (TV & radio license fees)
  • Cancel at the appropriate time: Electricity and other utilities (gas, water)
  • Cancel at the appropriate time: Insurance policies
  • Cancel at the appropriate time: Maintenance contracts
  • File confirmation of cancellation of utilities from various providers, plus general correspondence

Need to know

Ensure you keep your third party liability insurance policy active until after the handover of the property to the real estate agent or landlord, as you remain responsible for any damage occurring to the property up to that date.

How to proceed

Each supplier will have their own contractual terms, and as such, each contract will state the method of cancellation (email, simple letter, registered letter) and the notice period.

Be sure to specify the date at which you would like the service to stop.

Where to find help

Relocation service providers can help you prepare for the exit inspection and support you throughout the process.

Relocation service providers will:

  • help you ensure that the real estate agent or owner is applying standard Swiss practices in the pre-exit and exit inspection process
  • provide guidance in steps and timelines working up to the exit inspection
  • clarify tenant contractual and maintenance responsibilities before and during the exit inspection

How should you set your priorities? Why is timeline management so important?


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