Car insurance


If you have purchased or imported a car, you now need to file the insurance of the car with the Swiss authorities and obtain Swiss license plates.

To obtain Swiss licence plates for your vehicle from the Swiss vehicle authorities, you will need to provide confirmation of third-party vehicle liability insurance. This covers damage incurred to third parties, and is available from most Swiss insurance companies. Insurance against damage to your own vehicle is optional.

In addition to mandatory third-party liability motor insurance, semi-comprehensive and fully comprehensive coverage is available.

  • Semi-comprehensive insurance typically covers theft and damage caused by vandalism, fire, hail, storms and collisions with animals.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers all other damage sustained by your own vehicle.
  • Passenger insurance covers injuries to passengers. It makes particular sense where passengers are not covered by accident insurance, for example visitors from abroad.

  • Understand the Swiss vehicle insurance system
  • Request quotes from vehicle insurance providers
  • Select and notify your preferred vehicle insurance provider
  • File your vehicle insurance policy

Need to know

  • Your car must be insured for use in Switzerland at all times
  • Vehicles with foreign license plates: you must retain your foreign vehicle insurance policy but declare that the car is based in Switzerland once you are a resident to ensure proper accident coverage

    Caution: certain countries (such as the USA) may not approve the use of their insurance policies abroad
  • Vehicles with Swiss license plates: require Swiss insurance. Mandatory 3rd party liability insurance is compulsory. Coverage for collision, damage from natural events, parking, windshield protection, etc., may be added for an additional cost
  • A safety record attestation from your home country insurance provider may positively influence your insurance policy price

Where to find help

You now need to contact an insurance company to obtain an insurance policy.


Complete support with insurance needs

Daniel Ahmeti and his team of professional insurance advisers at Helvetia are here to offer comprehensive insurance advice tailored to the needs of international people living in Switzerland.


How much does it cost

Insurance policy pricing varies greatly, depending on the vehicle and on the driver's background.


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