Get a home phone line


  • Having an phone connection working soon after your relocation is convenient and helps you stay in touch with home during a time of significant change
  • Phone, internet and TV are almost never covered by rental contracts and need to be handled seperately
  • Telephone connections in Switzerland are clear and reliable
  • They normally run over the cable TV connection or the telephone line
  • A digital modem is usually required and will be provided by the telecom provider
  • Find an home phone provider
  • Find the best package for your needs
  • Sign up for the services and receive your phone and/or other equipment

Need to know

  • For both cost and organisational reasons it is often simplest to sign up for a package of TV, telephone (mobile
  • and land-line), and internet with one single provider
  • Review the telephone packages available and find one that meets your needs
  • Obtain the previous tenant‘s name to inform the service provider of the change of tenant
  • Call the provider and inform them that you would like to set up a contract with them and for services to be operational for your entry date. Provide the previous tenant‘s name, if possible
  • Ask the provider to confirm that the phone line is operational at your specific address
  • Make sure that the contracts and all appliances are sent to an address where your name is displayed on the mailbox

How to proceed

  • Call your selected provider 14 to 20 days prior to your apartment handover to ensure continuity of service
  • Placing an order even further in advance is advantageous

Where to find help

How can you get connected easily?

Free VIP fast track connection service

Lina Vollmar and her team of customer advisers at Hello Switzerland are here to connect you to Swisscom in the fastest, simplest, most efficient way possible.

How much does it cost

  • Prices vary according to the package selected
  • Packages usually vary based on the amount of included calling minutes per month and any special international add-on packages
  • Add-on packages are available that provide options such as unlimited calls to a certain country or to a group of countries

Good to know

For reasons of simplicity and cost savings, most people in Switzerland sign up to one single service provider for a combined package of TV, home telephone, and internet.

It often makes sense to include your mobile telephone contract in this package too.

Ask service providers about combination discounts and other benefits.


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