Get a Swiss mobile phone and/or mobile phone contract


  • Switzerland has a highly developed mobile phone network with excellent coverage and fast mobile data speeds
  • The Swiss population has the highest density of smart-phones per capita in the world
  • Find a mobile provider that offers the services you require
  • Find the best package for your needs
  • Sign up for the services and receive your SIM card and/or a new phone

How to proceed

  • Review the mobile phone packages available and find the one that best meets your needs
  • Ask the provider to confirm that all required functionalities (ie., internet speed, data package, included calling minutes, included international calling minutes) are in the package
  • Make sure that the contracts and all appliances are sent to an address where your name is displayed on the mailbox

Expected timeframe

Generally, it is not possible to get a regular paid subscription for a mobile phone before being registered in Switzerland (see Step 08 on Registration).

Without being registered, only a pre-paid subscription is possible

Where to find help

There are various TV, telephone and internet providers in Switzerland. They vary in scope of products, channels, speeds, prices, etc. A professional relocation services provider can guide you through the range of options.

Alternatively, refer to the Hello Switzerland website for a detailed guide explaining the pros and cons of the major providers:

Hello Switzerland‘s free Relocation Helpline offers further advice and support:

Swiss Relocation Helpline

- free advice from locals


What are the differences between the main Swiss mobile network providers?

Call +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)
Skype: helloswitzerland.helpline (free)


How much does it cost

Prices vary by package, usually depending on the type of contract selected and the kind of mobile phone included in the package.

You may be able to use a mobile telephone from your origin country, meaning you only need to purchase a Swiss mobile plan and a Swiss SIM card. Check with your preferred mobile provider whether this is an option.

Good to know

For reasons of simplicity and cost savings, most people in Switzerland sign up to one single service provider for a combined package of TV, home telephone, and internet.

It often makes sense to include your mobile telephone contract in this package too.

Ask service providers about combination discounts and other benefits.


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