Health and medical care


The quality of healthcare in Switzerland is excellent.

Your choice of health insurance policy will determine whether you are free to choose your doctor, whether you are free to choose a clinic, in which clinic and region of Switzerland you may undergo medical treatment, and many other factors.

For information about health insurance policies, refer to Step 06a.

  • Find a general practitioner (GP) using the online Hello Switzerland Directories
  • Register with a GP
  • Before you consult a healthcare provider, be aware of any particular requirements your health insurance might have

Need to know

  • It can sometimes be difficult for new arrivals to find a general practitioner (GP) with capacity to accept new patients on their practice register
  • Some of the cheaper health insurance policies limit your choice of medical provider to a pool of doctors determined by the insurance company
  • Some cheaper health insurance policies require you to always see your GP before seeing a specialist
  • It is common to receive the bill for healthcare 1-2 months after your consultation. Health insurance policies often require you to pay the bill first and request reimbursement from them using a duplicate copy of the invoice
  • Dental care is not covered by most health insurance policies

How to proceed

  • Before consulting a doctor, check whether your insurance policy gives you free choice to consult any doctor
  • Ensure you have full details of your health insurance policy with you the first time you visit a doctor or dentist
  • Drugs and medicines on prescription can generally only be obtained from a pharmacy, though some doctors, especially paediatricians, have some medicine on stock. Non-prescription medicines can be obtained from a drugstore
  • When obtaining dental treatment, it is advisable to ask for an estimate for the complete course of treatment after the first examination

Where to find help

There are a wide range of doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers in Switzerland.

Hello Switzerland‘s free Relocation Helpline can offer advice and support in identifying a suitable medical professional in your region.

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You can also consult the Directories section of the Hello Switzerland app and website – visit the category "Health & Medical Care" and filter for your region.

How much does it cost

Healthcare in Switzerland is of excellent quality and rather expensive.

Generally, healthcare insurance will cover most of the cost.

How much of the bill you pay yourself depends on your individual policy, so be well aware of the terms of your coverage and consider this when taking out a policy.


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