Mobile surfing on the go With the ultra-high speed Sunrise mobile network

You're off to live in a new country. Whether you're venturing out for a new job or simply taking a gap year, mastering the local transportation is an important first step. Sunrise keeps you connected on the go.

Train, bus, tram or even boats can help you to get around in your new country. Knowing when to get out at the right train station, quickly checking the map with a geo localization app before heading to the job interview are just a few examples on how mobile data usage is important to access the information you need on the go.

Customers with Sunrise Freedom relax, max and super max, as well as MTV mobile Freedom world and max surf on the very latest technology, LTE Advanced (4G+), enabling high speed data access of up to 300 Mbit/s.

Keeps you connected on the go

Coming to a new city and settling in, mobile data usage is key for not getting lost. Useful apps such as the SBB mobile app gives you all the necessary information whilst on the go about public transport timetable details and access to real-time information on current arrival and departure times throughout your journey. You can even buy tickets on the go and subscribe to push notifications that will let you know about any delays or cancellations impacting your daily commute.

The data consumption of mobile users is constantly increasing due to a growing number of data-intensive apps and the "always online" user behavior. Sunrise fulfills the growing demand for mobile data by continuously expanding its LTE (4G+) network. The mobile network of Sunrise, which was awarded a rating of "very good" by the independent magazine connect, supports the requirements of customers completely. With LTE Advanced, even more benefits of LTE (4G+) networks can be experienced: reaction times when surfing are improved, even when significantly more customers are surfing with mobile Internet access at the same time, without any reductions in speed.

Enjoy unlimited surfing with 4G+

Sunrise Freedom super max, max and relax subscriptions now enjoy unlimited surfing with LTE Advanced. For example Sunrise Freedom relax allows unlimited surfing with 4G+ speeds with a flat rate for as little as CHF 65 /month. It's important not to worry about the costs of mobile data.

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Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that covers the full range of telecommunications: Mobile, landline network, Internet and digital TV. Sunrise focuses on its customers' needs and satisfaction to delight them with innovative products and services.

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