Receive your goods

  • Make a "to-do at destination" checklist
  • Receive your goods
  • Handle complaints & claims

How to proceed

  • Make a "to-do at destination" checklist
  • Receive your goods. Make sure you are available for the receipt of your shipment and that the following are done (provided they are agreed upon in your contract):
    • Customs cleared
    • External impression of shipment 
    • Complete shipment as per the packing list you signed at origin 
    • Any visible damages noted on the packing list before signing off 
    • Hidden damages discovered during unpacking communicated immediately to the moving company in writing 
    • Empty packing materials removed by moving company on day of delivery 
    • All items assembled as agreed 
    • All items unpacked as agreed 
  • Handle complaints and claims 
    • Always document complaints in writing, preferably on the day of delivery or within three days of delivery (as per instructions from moving company). If this is not possible, agree on another solution with the moving company 
    • For insurance claims, proof is usually necessary. Documents claims with photos, bills, receipts, etc....


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