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  • Review your provider options
  • Get quotes
  • Compare quotes
  • Select provider
  • Make contract

Need to know

There are hundreds of moving options but not all are reliable, trustworthy, reputed or specialised in international household goods shipping.

You may have the following options for finding an international shipping provider: 

  • Provider is selected by your employer
  • Several providers are suggested by your employer 
  • Provider is found and selected by you 

How to proceed

  1. Review your provider options
  • Virtual internet providers are cheap and they look easy and convenient but keep in mind the drawbacks:
    • No personal connection
    • No assets 
    • No infrastructure 
    • Everything is outsourced
  • Well-known local moving companies are possibly easy to get in touch with and likely reliable in local business. Things to consider:
    • May not be specialised in international shipping 
    • May not have expertise in international customs requirements 
    • Will possibly outsource the move 
  • Reputable international moving/relocation companies are specialised in international shipments, and well-connected in international networks. Consider: Might be slightly more expensive than other options

Hello Switzerland tip: To identify quality international movers, keep an eye out for moving companies associated with FIDI, the International Association of Moving Companies. They are all independently audited by Ernst & Young. 

  1. Get quotes
  • Ask 1-3 potential providers for a survey of your house and a quote. This is usually free of charge
  • Make sure to clearly declare your requirements and have them included in the quote. These might include:
    • One vs. several shipments (main shipments by sea, additional shipment by air or main shipment by truck, additional shipment for storage, etc....)
    • Show all items to be shipped (or stored)
    • Indicate your required timeframe 
    • Clearly indicate the services required (for example, door-to-door shipment)
  • Quotes should show:
    • Weight/volume
    • Inclusions/exclusions 
    • Shipping mode
    • Expected transit time 
    • Required documents for customs clearance 
    • Insurance coverage and premium 
    • Payment terms 
  1. Compare quotes
  • Make sure all quotes have the above information
  • Check weight/volume estimates. If there are significant differences ask for explanations from the providers
  • Do not only compare the price, look also at inclusions and exclusions. If they are not identical, how do they
  • impact the quoted price?
  • Check the insurance coverage and insurance premium. A small difference of 0.5% might make a significant difference when calculated on the insurance value
  • Evaluate the professionalism of the surveyors, the information received, the timeframe between survey and quote, and the overall impressions you have of the companies
  1. Select provider and make contract
  • The contract must include:
    • Weight/volume of shipment 
    • Mode of transport 
    • Price 
    • Timing of shipment 
    • Services (with agreed inclusions/exclusions)
    • Required documents 
    • Payment terms 


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Where to find help

There are hundreds of moving options but not all are reliable, trustworthy, reputed or specialised in international household goods shipping.

Quality international movers are usually associated with FIDI, the International Association of Moving Companies. Using a professional moving services provider is particularly recommended for a successful and smooth international relocation where peace of mind is a priority.

If you do not already have access to a professional moving services provider through your employer or your relocation services provider, Hello Switzerland offers support.

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Costs for international moves vary depending on a range of factors.

  • Shipping mode selected
  • Weight/volume of shipments
  • Timeframe
  • Range of services booked
  • Insurance coverage and premium
  • Payment terms

The experience, professionality and expertise of a moving company will generally also be reflected in the price. International moving is a complex topic with considerable potential for challenges.

Smaller, local companies are often cheaper but not familiar or experienced with these complexities. Larger national or global companies are reliable but carry a price premium.


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