From high-street stores to exclusive speciality boutiques, Swiss shopping has something for everyone. Shops are organised similarly throughout the country.

You will generally find smaller specialty shops in the older parts of town, with larger stores and shopping centres on the outskirts and in newer parts of town. Most neighbourhoods have their own supermarket.

Globus and Manor are nation-wide department stores. The main national supermarket chains are Coop and Migros. To buy groceries online, try Migros' LeShop or Coop@home.

Most shops are closed on Sundays. The only shops open are at train stations, airports and petrol stations near urban areas.

Shopping trolleys require a CHF 1-2 coin deposit. Grocery carry bags are generally purchased at the store or brought from home. Customers always pack their own grocery bags. Fruit and vegetables are available pre-packaged and priced or loose to be weighed. For non-priced items, place them on the scale, enter the item‘s code and print the price tag.

Be cautious of shopping online on websites outside of Switzerland – deliveries can carry heavy customs fees that are not shown at payment on the online shop, but are due when the parcel is delivered to you or collected from the post office.

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