So British! Art exhibition

  • Date: 02.09.2016
  • End date: 02.07.2017
  • Location: Au Château, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
  • Contact:
A catch title for an exhibition out of the ordinary! A strong theme, that has never been developed but which is still topical, game culture in Great Britain. This temporary exhibition of over 500m2 enables visitors to discover the key aspects in an informative and entertaining way. The exhibition design invites, for example, the visitors to find themselves in the heart of a Victorian industrial city, or in an ephemeral pub «Ye Olde Castle».
"So British!" is placed under the high patronage of H.E. David Moran, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Britain is known for the richness of its game culture. From the middle ages priests used games as a teaching tool. Later, British scholars were the first to study games and their history or even invented games! It was the British who introduced games, discovered in India, to Europe, which are still today rooted in our game culture. Cluedo, Reversi or even Mastermind are among the most popular board games in the world. Not to mention that it was in Britain that popular sports of today were born: football, golf, tennis, and cricket are well known examples. Finally, it is impossible not to mention Pubs and all the popular games (Darts, Skittles, Ringing the Bull or Shove ha'penny) that revolve around these institutions: a culture in its own right.

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