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One of the best things about living in Switzerland is that you are a stone's throw away from all of the picturesque adventures that Europe, and the world, has to offer.

Enjoying stunning seaside views in Italy? Summertime in the south France, full of lavender fields? Quick shopping trips to Milan, Paris or London? Finding that affordable flight to Thailand from a European hub? Go on your adventures, and stay connected with loved ones with Sunrise's affordable roaming options.

Journey with the car

One of the most important items of our daily lives is our smartphone. Whether you're lost and looking for directions, or simply wanting to stay in contact with loved ones back home – a good mobile data plan is key to staying connected during your travels.

The best mobile plans for frequent travelers

Finally, that hassle of keeping a foreign cell phone plan and a Swiss plan? Sunrise makes that plain unnecessary – when visiting home, covering all of Europe, plus Canada and the United States, you'll have more mobile data to use.

If you're looking into mobile phone plans that include international calls and roaming services, Sunrise Freedom max and super max plans include this, so you don't have any need to make special arrangements while you're adventuring. Sunrise already has you covered.

If you're more concerned with discovering Switzerland, Sunrise's mobile plans relax, max and super max include unlimited data in Switzerland with high speed internet 4G+. This makes it easy to discover new places, make travel plans and live on a whim – all while discovering your new home.

The best roaming options for occasional travelers

Sunrise's Freedom rates also offer affordable roaming packages for when you're exploring all the world has to offer. These Freedom rates are ideal for the person who is an occasional traveler – focusing on taking one or two dream trips during the year. These Freedom plans cover virtually all of Europe – from the Faroe Islands to the Canary Islands – as well as the USA and Canada from just CHF 9.90.

If you're travelling outside of Europe, there's a package for that too! The travel data plan includes 100 MB for surfing, for just CHF 39. This plan covers countries from Brazil and Thailand. Find more details regarding which countries are included in this plan here.

Travel days

Travel days packages include all you need to stay connected while abroad. You can buy 7 days for CHF 39, and 30 days for CHF 69, giving you unlimited calls, text messages and at least 500 MB and up to 1 GB of data to surf.

Travel data

If you want to stay connected with mobile data, Sunrise offers a ton of options for you to choose from. With the monthly travel data options, you can surf while abroad from only CHF 9.90 for 100 MB, CHF 29 for 500 MB and CHF 49 for 2GB – you'll find an option that fits your needs.100 MB costs only CHF 39.

Find more information regarding roaming options here.

Shopping trip to Milan 

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Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that covers the full range of telecommunications: Mobile, landline network, Internet and digital TV. Sunrise focuses on its customers' needs and satisfaction to delight them with innovative products and services.

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