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Television is still the most popular entertainment medium in Switzerland. But the way consumers watch their favorite shows has greatly changed in recent years. Time-shift television and watching TV on the go are becoming increasingly popular. On 1 November 2015, Sunrise TV will completely update its packages in response to the changing needs of consumers.

It's a familiar situation for every TV viewer — the phone always rings with an important call exactly when the TV movie is at its climax. But while we used to just have to miss finding out who the murderer was or miss the exciting car chase, digital television gives today's TV viewers totally new options. Thanks to today's technology, viewers can simply pause a movie, rewind or watch it later when they have time.

The latest surveys show that time-shift television is increasingly popular in Switzerland. According to the Mediapulse Foundation, which monitors radio and TV usage, people were already watching time-shift television for 20 minutes per day in 2014, accounting for 7% of total TV consumption. This was a 30% increase compared to the previous year. Incidentally, more than 80% of time-shift TV usage took place within 48 hours of the original broadcast.

Watch TV anywhere, anytime

While time-shift usage is increasingly popular, the next TV revolution is already waiting in the wings — television is going mobile. Watching TV is no longer just a couch-time home event, but can happen in a train, in the yard or at the pool.

The idea to make television programs portable is not entirely new. As early as 1970, the Japanese company Matsushita launched the first production-ready portable TV onto the market — the Panasonic TR-001 also known as Mica 1. The black-and-white television's screen size measured 35 mm. The device, including battery, weighed almost a kilogram.

However, the attempt to transform analog television with antenna reception into a mobile device only resulted in a niche product. But with the advent of digital television, the situation has fundamentally changed. Nearly every consumer now always has the right hardware on hand — a smartphone or tablet. What's more, the speed of mobile data networks has steadily increased in recent years. Meanwhile, an LTE network's data transfer rates can reach as high as 150 Mbit/s — sufficient for broadcasting a mobile stream in HD quality.

Sunrise is keeping up with this new type of TV consumption. With the new Sunrise Smart TV package, mobile streaming can run on up to five devices (see box). There are no more obstacles stopping mobile television's ultimate breakthrough.


Television anytime and everywhere -
the new TV package from Sunrise

Effective 1 November 2015, Sunrise Smart TV will offer time-shift television for over 250 channels. Plus, you will now be able to record an unlimited number of shows simultaneously. A new search function specially developed for Sunrise Smart TV gives viewers customized program tips so they can quickly and easily find their favorite programs.

Customers can also enjoy their favorite shows on their smartphones or tablets everywhere, anytime. Streaming will be enabled by WiFi and via the mobile network, without debiting any data volumes from the Sunrise customer's mobile subscription. Even on vacation, Sunrise customers will no longer have to miss their favorite shows since Sunrise Smart TV can also be viewed in foreign countries on a WiFi network.


Author: sunrise

Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that covers the full range of telecommunications: Mobile, landline network, Internet and digital TV. Sunrise focuses on its customers' needs and satisfaction to delight them with innovative products and services.

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