Television is getting better Enhancing customer service to meet your needs

Two new trends are greatly altering the habits of telecommunications consumers. The ever-increasing digitalization vision has meant more consumers are insisting on self-service and personalized consulting is rarely needed anymore. Furthermore there is a fundamental change in how TV consumers behave. Sunrise tells us more.

While today's consumer usually gets their information online and then later signs the contract offline, their behavior in the future will involve purchasing more online, as well as self-service. In-person customer service will be increasingly focused on the retail shops, the customer contact point for both interactive experience and in-depth advice. This trend, of course, will also affect the telecommunications company Sunrise, which has prepared for these major changes by fundamentally redesigning its digital interactions with customers to better meet their future needs.

TV becomes mobile...

How consumers watch and use TV has also changed quickly. TV consumers are constantly on the go and don't want to be held to the fi xed times of network broadcasters. With the new, smart offer from Sunrise TV, you can watch TV where you want, when you want, making television more attractive and interactive.

Sunrise is continuing to expand the range of its television packages. Now the whole family can watch different programs simultaneously – both at home and on the go. With Sunrise Smart TV, programs can be watched on the TV and with the Sunrise TV app can be also viewed on up to fi ve smartphones or tablets. Sunrise TV also gives you access to all ComeBack TV content and any saved recordings from abroad on a Wi-Fi network.

...and razor-sharp

Television will also be sharper in the future, with content streamed in ultra-high-resolution, 4K – four times the resolution of normal HDTV. Sunrise, Swiss TV's innovation leader, is launching the next generation of set top boxes to make 4K UHD programs and their razor-sharp images come to life on your TV screen. The box will now be controlled via Bluetooth remote control, which no longer needs to be aimed directly at the box, but can be conveniently pointed anywhere in the room.

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Author: sunrise

Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that covers the full range of telecommunications: Mobile, landline network, Internet and digital TV. Sunrise focuses on its customers' needs and satisfaction to delight them with innovative products and services.

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