Temporary housing


Temporary housing in Switzerland may be difficult to find, depending on the location and your requirements.

Generally, there are more 1-2 bedroom apartments available. Larger apartments (3+ bedrooms) are not widely available. Early search and booking is highly recommended


  • Understand the housing market in Switzerland and assess whether you will require temporary housing
  • Find a provider of temporary housing and assess the options available
  • Collect application documents
  • Apply for lease
  • Check the terms of rent carefully before signing, including terms of cancellation and minimum rent period
  • Check if pets are allowed
  • Check if personal effects are insured
  • Check for additional charges (damages, cleaning on departure)

Need to know

The three main options for short term accommodation are:

  1. Hotel stay: not convenient for a family or if you have pets. Can be expensive, but flexible
  2. Hotel furnished apartments: cheaper than a hotel, with less flexibility regarding notice periods, and are usually studios or a 1-bedroom apartment
  3. Furnished apartments with a lease contract: cheaper but less flexible, with a minimum lease term of 1 - 6 months and a notice period of 1 - 3 months

How to proceed

  • Hotel stay: book a hotel through a travel agent, the internet or your company's network
  • Hotel furnished apartments: reserve a hotel apartment with a credit card or a deposit
  • Furnished apartments with a lease contract: the process is the same as for a permanent accommodation through a real estate agent. Refer to Step 11 on permanent housing for full details
  • Have a relocation specialist check your lease and bring any recommended modifications to your attention so that you may request these changes from the agency or owner. Lease contracts are normally provided in the local language and it is important to be sure about what is in your lease agreement before you sign it
  • Have a relocation specialist attend your entrance or exit inspection to ensure you are aware of what you agree to when you sign an entrance or exit inspection report. Property handovers in Switzerland are very thorough. Many issues are raised and decisions taken during the handover and they can be binding. The handovers often take place in the local language, and the documentation to review and sign is normally only provided in the local language


Temporary accommodation with service and style

Jens Dünnebacke and his team of customer advisers at VISIONAPARTMENTS are here to assist you in finding the highest quality temporary accommodation.


Expected timeframe

  • Start looking 4-5 weeks prior to arriving. If you are looking for a large apartment (3+ bedrooms), start searching as soon as possible
  • Keep your arrival date flexible if possible to increase chances of availability

Where to find help

Relocation service providers can help you find temporary accommodation and support you throughout the process. If you do not already have access to a professional relocation services provider through your employer, Hello Switzerland‘s free Relocation Helpline offers advice and support.

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How much does it cost

The price of temporary accommodation varies greatly depending on location, service and type of accommodation.

The cost of a professional lease review by a relocation specialist is normally not more than a few hundred francs. This makes sure you understand the terms and conditions of your lease agreement before you sign it, and allows you to avoid potentially costly errors.

The cost of professional support by a relocation specialist at an entrance or exit inspection varies depending on the property size. This makes sure you understand what you are agreeing to at the property handover when you sign the inspection report, and ensures that you to avoid potentially costly errors.


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