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We're here to help you feel at home in Switzerland by providing you with:

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our history

Hello Switzerland was born as Hello Basel magazine back in 1995. In 2005 we expanded with Hello Zurich and Hello Bern. In 2008 we merged the three magazines and launched a national magazine, Hello Switzerland, which also featured the Romandie and Ticino, the French and Italian speaking regions of Switzerland. We've never looked back. 

Today, Hello Switzerland reaches across media formats. The magazine is published four times a year, this website launched in August 2013, and our mobile app in October 2014. Offline, we have been helping people meet and network through our Hello Switzerland events around Switzerland since 2008.


Welcome to Hello Switzerland



Main features


Relocation Guides: advice from the professionals, regionalised and organised along the relocation timeline.    


Directories: hand-picked recommendations for the expat community, covering over 350 categories from Accommodation to Zoos


Eventsfind out what's on and meet other people all over Switzerland.


Hello Switzerland Magazine and Lifestyle features: Interesting lifestyle articles about Swiss living and notable figures, from our network of contributors. 


Hello Switzerland mobile app: the ideal companion for relocation to and living in Switzerland. Available from iTunes and Google Play. Two notable app features: 


Around Me: helps you find services, places and events near you 'on the fly'.


Step by step: our new unique and powerful relocation checklist tool providing everything you need to know to successfully relocate to Switzerland.



Hello Switzerland media are owned and operated by Hello Switzerland AG, and led by Mike Tomsett. We have offices in Zurich, Basel and Bern.


Writers and contributors

Our lifestyle features are contributed to Hello Switzerland for free by motivated and interested expat writers. Would you like to be featured? Hello Switzerland would love to hear from you! Get in touch



We are and always have been a community-driven network. We've built our website to enhance and empower the Hello Switzerland community.

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