Innovative support for self-managed relocations Reducing mobility programme cost through innovation

Hello Switzerland gives relocating employees all the support they need, while massively reducing the cost of your mobility programme.

Our self-managed relocation solution is free-of-charge to use for both your company and your employees.

People self-relocating with Hello Switzerland complete many of their relocation tasks independently. Your employees will only buy services when they need professional assistance.  This has a huge impact on the cost of relocation compared to traditional support packages.

Your company saves money and time, and your employees focus on work, because they aren't dealing with tedious relocation details.


Human Resources "Need To Know"

Who is Hello Switzerland for?

  • Expatriate staff & partners
  • International local hires & partners  

Benefits to your company when hiring from outside Switzerland

Pre-hiring phase
  • Fewer questions for you to answer
  • Questions answered by a neutral third-party for free
  • Speeds up decision making process for candidates
  • Focused, accurate and relevant information reduces concerns
Post-hiring phase
  • Complements your existing mobility solution
  • Fewer questions for you to answer
  • New hires focus on their professional function
  • Ensures local compliance
  • Successful and speedy integration  

Benefits for your new employees

  • Free relocation planning call
  • Free professional expertise on all relevant topics
  • Free relocation guides with accurate information from trusted providers
  • Free valuable deals and discounts
  • Modular approach to relocation services
  • Extensive entertainment, leisure and lifestyle ideas to help people settle into Switzerland
  • Helps newcomers to the country to be compliant and happy

How to set up Hello Switzerland in your organization?

Where to provide the information Easy to implement
  • No contract to sign - no need to involve procurement
  • No change to existing relocation contracts


Download the short presentation Hello Switzerland - Support For Self-Managed Relocations to show at your next team meeting.


Hello Switzerland - contact Mike Tomsett to find out more about how to implement self-relocation solutions in your company




Your new-hire's steps to a successful self-managed relocation

Your employees follow this simple process:

Hello Switzerland Helpline

Hello Switzerland Relocation Guides

Hello Switzerland Relocation Store

Discover the best of Switzerland


Relocation Services Store

Hello Switzerland is the smartest resource for successfully moving to and from Switzerland.  At the Hello Switzerland Relocation Store, you will find an innovative range of services for all requirements and all budgets.  Your employees choose the services they require from the order form, and receive an order confirmation within one working day.  They can purchase services with easy payment by credit card or wire transfer.  We coordinate our network of reputable service providers to deliver the right services at the right price.



Hello Switzerland Relocation Store



Download the information sheet Hello Switzerland - Support For Self-Managed Relocations as a printer friendly PDF.



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