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Switzerland offers you an excellent selection of the best private clinics in the world. You will benefit from highly qualified doctors and healthcare practitioners, state-of-the-art technology, and tailored treatment options specifically for you and your loved ones.

Hirslanden International clinics offer a wide range of specialty care and personal care.

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Hirslanden Medical Care Switzerland



Hirslanden operates 16 hospitals located in 11 Swiss cantons.

Hirslanden is the leading private hospital group and the largest medical network in Switzerland.

2,100 affiliated doctors and in-house physicians, and around 7,800 employees guarantee expertise you can trust.

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Hirslanden - Medical care in Switzerland Expertise you can trust

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is committed to excellence and quality. Over the last twenty years it has established an international reputation by offering the very best in private healthcare. The group provides the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of medical specialties. All hospitals are in locations which are easy to reach and possess a clear infrastructure and processes on-site. In addition to this, a comfortable and pleasant ambience, including modern equipped rooms, supports the patient's recovery.


At Hirslanden all doctors are highly qualified and well-known experts, providing specialized medicine and surgery in their chosen fields. This expertise, the care of excellently trained medical staff as well as cutting-edge technology, including the latest techniques and devices, enable Hirslanden to meet every patient's individual needs.


An unexpected fall can quickly lead to a laceration or a broken bone, an awkward movement on a sharp edge can cause a deep cut. The Hirslanden Accident & Emergency wards are prepared to assist you in these situations – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The paramount goal of the Emergency Unit is the integrated care of our emergency patients. That's why our infrastructure offers the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.


Choosing the right doctor for getting a treatment or second opinion can be a formidable task. For information, support and direct referrals to the specialists, international patients (those with international insurances and self-pay patients) can contact Hirslanden International.


Seefeldstrasse 214, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
+41 44 388 75 00

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