Leaving Switzerland Departing and moving abroad

Is your assignment is finished and it's time to move on? Are you Swiss, moving abroad?

Leaving Switzerland can be complex. There are departure formalities to handle, a household goods removal to arrange, bank, insurance and other contracts to cancel, de-registration from the local authorities, and much more.

The whole move process or parts of it can be managed by someone else than you.

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Step By Step: Leaving Switzerland

Step by Step

Termination of your lease contract

Hello Switzerland Step By Step guide to correctly terminating your lease and other service contracts to ensure a smooth departure.

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Step by Step

Cancellation of utilities

Step guide to cancelling your many utility and service contracts - from oil and electricity to telephone and Billag.

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Step by Step

Closing and return of the rental deposit

Step guide to correctly applying for the release and return of your rental deposit.

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Step by Step

Planning and attending your pre-exit and exit inspection

Guide to the exit inspection. Includes cleaning the rental property, maintenance, insurance claims, correct paperwork, and timeline.

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