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Frequently Asked Questions Berlitz

  • CEF is the Common European Framework created by the Council of Europe. It is a standardized system to assess your language knowledge, e.g. level A.1. Internationally you might have heard of the online index levels from 0 to 30.
  • You can choose whether you want to go to a Berlitz center to meet your trainer or log into a virtual classroom and meet your trainer online.
  • The course will take place in a Berlitz center unless you choose the virtual classroom. In this case, you would log into the virtual classroom from your PC, e.g. your home, your office, etc..

  • The course can be spread over a longer period. The 2 - 3 month period is Berlitz's recommendation.

  • After completing the course, the level you are supposed to achieve is between A1 and A2. Of course, this also depends on your personal development. At the beginning and end of each course you will be assessed in order to check your current level.
    • Berlitz recommends taking 1 hour weekly, which can be split throughout the week.
    • If required, lessons could, upon agreement with Berlitz, take place on Saturday morning.
    • Lessons are not fixed. However, Berlitz recommends having at least one regular appointment per week. The lessons that have been set up can be postponed or changed to a different day in the week if Berlitz has been informed latest until 01:00 pm the previous workday.
    • Yes, you can usually split the costs of the lessons and pay in installments, in order to have better control of your monthly expenses.
    • Before your first lesson, you will receive a link. You will also be contacted by a technician in advance to check that all settings are working properly.
    • Once you sign-up for one of the Berlitz language courses, you will automatically be assessed of your current level. Prior to the course, you can also test your current level using the Berlitz online placement test.
    • Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zug, Zurich, Basel and via the virtual classroom.
    • Cyber Teacher is a license for an e-learning platform. You will learn at your own convenience and speed. The Virtual Classroom is essentially face-to-face instruction with a trainer. You will meet him/ her virtually, through your computer.
    • The courses start at 8h00 in the morning from Monday to Friday. The group courses usually start at 18h00.
    • If you choose the Virtual Classroom, you can agree on an individual timing. The trainers are available between 6h00 – 21h00 from Sunday through Friday.
    • Normally you can reach the next level within 40 units.

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