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My Relocation Organiser
Hello Switzerland's unique guided filing system to ensure a smooth relocation
Hello Switzerland

This practical high-quality handbook covers the 15 essential steps of relocation, ensuring you a smooth transition to Switzerland.

It contains check-lists on what steps you need to take, as well as which documents are to be obtained and filed. Plastic wallets are included for easy storage of the many contracts and documents you will gather during the course of your relocation.

Hello Switzerland Magazine
Subscribe to our free quarterly magazine for newcomers. In each issue, you'll discover the best of Switzerland, and enjoy a wide range of deals and offers.
Hello Switzerland

Hello Switzerland's free magazine is the number one source of inspiration and information for Switzerland's international community.

Founded in 1998, today 20,000 readers across Switzerland enjoy reading.

Please note that we can only deliver to postal addresses in Switzerland.

Relocation planning call
Personal consultation to help plan your relocation and familiarize youself with your new city (up to 1 hour)
Hello Switzerland

Book this free consultation service and you'll benefit from an introductory coaching call by an expert from Hello Switzerland's Relocation Helpline.

You'll walk through the following topics: planning your relocation, finding a home, moving, transport & commuting, administration, and getting settled.

To help you visualise these steps,  the call can optionally be accompanied by a online presentation using an easy online screen-sharing option.

After the presentation, you'll be able to download and keep the presentation.

Education consultation
Hello Switzerland

Benefit from a phone consultation to understand the major differences between the International school system and the local Swiss system(s).

Get help in identifying a school system that best suits your family's educational needs.

Temporary furnished accommodation
Booking a temporary apartment
Hello Switzerland

Secure your temporary accommodation to guarantee a smooth arrival process.

This service includes a choice of up to 3 furnished property options (serviced apartments, apart-hotels) as well as the reservation of your preferred choice.

Property market - Finding a place to live in Switzerland (unfurnished)
Property market research
Screening the property market
Hello Switzerland

Using Hello Switzerland's easy-to-use property market app, combine your own research with support from a Swiss property market specialist.

You can visit the most popular Swiss housing websites and with one simple click, the properties that interest you are saved in Hello Switzerland's state-of-the-art property app.

Once your selection is complete, you will benefit from our property market expertise as our specialists comment on up to 20 properties you have pre-selected.

Based on a needs assessment questionnaire and current market availability, your Hello Switzerland expert will also add up to 5 additional properties to your pre-selection, ensuring you are always seeing the best properties available.

Hello Switzerland's property market app remains available to you throughout your entire relocation, regardless of whether you commit to any further services on offer from us.

Support with scheduling property viewings
Scheduling support for up to 8 property viewings
Hello Switzerland

In addition to the property market research module, and building on our previous property pre-selection discussions, buy our scheduling module and go one step further in your home search process.

Getting appointments with real estate agencies can be a challenge in Switzerland. This is partially due to the need to communicate in the local language, but also due to the hundreds of property requests they handle.

Thanks to Hello Switzerland's privileged relationship with local real estate agencies, we can ensure fast and successful appointment scheduling for you.

Our property market app will show your viewing schedule for up to 8 properties, including date, time and address of each property, and with the estate agent's contact details.

Applying for properties and reviewing your lease
Lease application support and lease review
Hello Switzerland
  • Boost your chances of being accepted for one of your favourite properties
  • Benefit from Hello Switzerland's privileged relationships with real estate agencies all over Switzerland
  • Optimize your success rate

We will present the agencies with up to 3 applications, including all relevant documents.

When your lease application is accepted, we will review the lease with you, making sure it is compliant with Swiss property law. We will highlight all important points that require your particular attention, and make you aware of your responsibilities.

We will also ensure that you set up your rental deposit account properly, and that you make the rental deposit payment correctly.

This module is only available in combination with the purchase of module 'Screening the property market'.

Understanding your lease contract
Understand your lease contract and check it for conformity
Hello Switzerland

If you don't speak the local language or if this is the first time you are renting a property in Switzerland, this package will offer peace of mind and ensure you don't have any costly surprises during your stay or when you leave the property.

Your consultant will review your property lease to ensure that everything is accurate and compliant with Swiss property law. If the lease contract contains any negotiable terms, your consultant will make recommendations on how to proceed. You will receive an oral summary and translation of the entire lease as well as a written translation of the general terms.

Entrance inspection
Accompanied apartment hand-over and explanation of appliances
Hello Switzerland

Benefit from the support of a relocation consultant to ensure you get off to the best possible start in your new home.

  • Your consultant will provide a professional handover protocol
  • Your consultant will facilitate communication with the realtor (local language, property market expertise)
  • You will receive an installation sheet listing all important contacts related to your property

Applies to unfurnished properties only.

Comfort Package
Relocation Comfort Package

Sit back and relax as a Packimpex relocation consultant takes care of the entire property-hunting process.

Following the definition of your needs, your consultant will screen the property market for you. They will schedule your property viewing appointments, allowing you to focus on other things. Your relocation consultant will accompany you to up to 8 property viewings. Your consultant will help you to secure the lease of your dream apartment or house.

This module only applies with a rental budget of minimum CHF 1'300 per month and above.

TV, Telecom & Internet
Consultation on getting connected to home telephone, mobile phone, internet, and TV
Hello Switzerland

Get connected with TV, telephone and internet providers that meet your needs and expectations.

This consultation assesses your personal situation and helps you to choose solutions that are right for you.

Banking & Insurance
Consultation on opening a Swiss bank account
Hello Switzerland

Get connected with the financial services providers that best meet your needs and expectations.

This consultation assesses your personal situation and helps you to choose solutions that are right for you. We explain the process of opening a bank account in Switzerland, and advise on the limitations that newcomers to Switzerland can face.

Consultation on mandatory and optional insurance coverage
Hello Switzerland

Get the insurance coverage that best meets your needs and expectations, and ensures you meet legal requirements.

This consultation assesses your personal situation and helps you to choose solutions that are right for you. We explain which insurance policies are mandatory in Switzerland (and should be taken out immediately) and which policies can wait.

Personal insurance starter kit

Covered from Day 1 to meet Swiss legal requirements. Valid for 90 days - gives you time to settle in and review your long-term options. Great coverage for a low cost - from just CHF 1 per day

Home services
Support with finding domestic staff (cleaning services, garden, nanny)
Hello Switzerland

Find domestic help the easy way. In this consultation, we will connect you with a trusted and experienced provider in your region.

Healthcare & medical
Support in finding a doctor or other healthcare specialist

Find a doctor or medical specialist that meets your needs.

In this consultation with an adviser specialised in advising international patients, you will identify suitable doctors or clinics - where possible specifically those who speak your language.

Career services
Career advice for international professionals
Ask the C2You! Career Expert session

During a 30-minute private online session, you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a career expert to discuss any career-related question you might have.

Your questions may be sent prior to the meeting so that our expert can prepare.

C2You! provides the resources for talent to meet opportunity. We are a certified placement agency specialised in career advice, job search, recruitment and executive coaching.

C2You! Second Opinion CV review

With employers spending an average of just 60 seconds looking at each CV they receive, it's important that your CV is attention-grabbing and informative. That's where Second Opinion CV review service can help.

The Second Opinion CV Review is a new online service led by a panel of career specialists. We will provide you our opinion on your current CV in a 30-minute online Skype conversation.

Support for accompanying partners
Spouse career support - orientation session
Spouse Career Centre

In this 20 minute free telephone session, you will speak to one of our career coaches. You will be able to discuss your key questions about the Swiss labor market and your individual opportunities here.

SCC has 16 years of experience supporting expats in pursuing their career or setting up their business in Switzerland.

Spouse career support - extended career support
Spouse Career Centre

Benefit from the Spouse Career Centre's in-depth knowledge of the Swiss labor market.

SCC will prioritize and target interesting opportunities for you. You will get effective tools to focus your job search and keep track of your application activities.

Drawing on SCC's database, industry and recruitment contacts, SCC will help you build your new professional network, increasing your chances to meet the right people and find your dream job.

Tax, Legal & Social Security
Tax and social security advisory services
Free tax and social security briefing meeting

In this free one-hour briefing meeting with an expert from BDO, you will receive a general overview of the tax and social security system in Switzerland. The briefing also focuses on the tax & social security implications of your relocation.

After the briefing, you will receive a brochure explaining the Swiss tax and social security system.

This service is suitable shortly after your arrival in Switzerland, or any time once you have settled in.

Preparation of a simple Swiss tax return

This service comprises completion of a tax return including up to two Swiss salary certificates, five asset positions, and standard tax deductions. Not included are securities, real estate, partnership investments, intercantonal or international tax allocations.

Who is required to file a Swiss tax return?

  • Individuals who are Swiss tax residents, who do not hold a Swiss passport or a Swiss residence permit C, and who earn an annual gross salary of over CHF 120,000
  • Individuals who hold a Swiss passport or a Swiss residence permit C, and are Swiss tax residents
Legal advice & employment contracts
Legal review of a Swiss standard employment contract

Enjoy peace of mind as you prepare to accept your new job in Switzerland.

Before signing the contract you have received from your Swiss employer, take this legal check to be sure your contract is compliant with the standard practices of the Swiss labour market.

Employment law specialists at BDO will review your Swiss employment contract and alert you to any omissions or unusual terms.

Applicable for this service are standard employment contracts made under Swiss law, with a maximum length of 5 pages. Terms & conditions agreements are not included in the review.

On request, BDO can also provide a legal check for longer employment contracts, terms & conditions agreements, or further documents. These additional reviews are conducted at hourly rates of CHF 200 – CHF 400 excluding VAT.

Household goods removal
Receive a quote for the shipment of your household goods

If you check this box, a Packimpex moving specialist will contact you to gather information.

Do you already have basic information about your move?

Complete this moving quotation form and your moving specialist will be in a position to provide you with a quote instantly.

Return to this page afterwards to complete the rest of your order.

Renting furniture
Receive a quote for rental furniture

Rental furniture packages start at CHF 99 per month. The longer you rent, the less you pay.

  • Our degressive pricing policy ensures you have paid the right price at the end of your stay
  • You enjoy high flexibility thanks to the option of cancelling your rental furniture contract with a notice period of just 5 days

Find out more about our wide range of rental furniture, home equipment and utensils to suit all your needs by visiting our Rental Furniture page

Furnishing your home
Complimentary furnishings and interior décor consultation in your new home
Car solutions
Importing a vehicle
Consultation on if and how to import your vehicle
Buying a vehicle
Consultation on buying a new car (either before relocation or on arrival)
Autociel & Volvo Expat
Driving in Switzerland
Consultation on vehicle insurance
Guidance on exchanging your driving licence
Hello Switzerland
Membership of TCS, Switzerland's leading breakdown recovery service
Combined moving and relocation package
Carpe Diem arrival package
1) Household goods import removal
  • Door to door removal of household goods of up to 33 m3 from
  • most European countries to any destination in Switzerland or
  • bordering France and Germany
  • Insurance coverage of CHF 4,000 per m3
  • Packing material
  • Professional packing of effects into boxes
  • Export customs clearance
  • Import customs clearance
  • Delivery
  • Removal of debris on day of delivery
  • Storage of up to 1 month
  • Pre-move survey (if required)
  • Parking permits (if required)
In the unlikely case these services are required they will be quoted before service is delivered.
  • Outside elevators
  • Shuttle service
  • Unpacking service
  • Additional insurance coverage (not required for a standard household)
  • Additional pick-up or delivery address (2 or more loading or delivery addresses)
  • Duties and customs inspection fees (do not normally arise, as long as there is no new furniture in the shipment)
  • Safes and other heavy items
  • For the removal of a piano an extra of CHF 500 and for a grand piano an extra of CHF 1,300 applies
2) Home search support
  • Relocation Road Map (picture based orientation tour by Skype / Webex technology)
  • Coaching on real estate rental search set-up
  • 3 accompanied apartment visits
  • Write-up and submission of application (up to three)
  • Lease review and basic translation (one)
  • Accompanied apartment hand-over at destination (one)
  • Professional hand-over protocol (one)
  • Explanation of appliances
  • Consultant home search on behalf of the customer. (This service can be billed on an hourly basis at CHF 150, capped at CHF 1,500. This is recommended for customers with no local language skills.)
Please note: The scope of this service does not guarantee that the customer is successfully housed within a given time frame. In general, the lower a rental budget, the lower our influence on the attribution of an apartment. The scope of this package is to coach and support the customer's own home search efforts in order to significantly increase their chance of a successful apartment application and to save time in this process.
3) Settling-in
  • Welcome package filled with useful and carefully selected information
  • Consultation on contract set-up for telecommunications, banking, insurance, Billag (TV / radio license), and other services
  • Consultation on registration with local authorities
  • Accompanying customers to the bank, local authorities, etc. (These services can be provided on request for an hourly fee of CHF 150.)

Total: CHF 0.-

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