'Career Relaunch' Conference A high quality networking opportunity

  • Date: 22.10.2019
  • Start: 8:30
  • End: 14:00
  • Location: Credit Suisse Forum St. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 19, 8001 Zurich
  • Contact: patricia.widmer@unisg.ch
  • Fee: CHF 65 / 100/ 180

«Career Relaunch 2019» is a professional mobility conference organised by the prestigious University of St. Gallen.

It brings together business leaders, researchers, policy makers and highly qualified individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce or reposition themselves professionally.

The conference aims to be a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices and for expanding your professional network.

Come hear about innovative returnship programmes in Switzerland and be inspired by success stories. Profit from panel discussions and make new contacts during the networking lunch.

To find out more infos about the events, please visit this website

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