10 Scenic Places to Roast Marshmallows in Switzerland Switzerland is full of places where you can cook outdoors

Are you looking for places to barbecue, grill and picnic in Switzerland? Switzerland is full of places with public fire pits where you can barbecue. Grilling outdoors is an amazing way to spend a weekend afternoon. Tanya Deans from Moms:Tots:Zurich shares her family's 10 favorite picturesque places to roast marshmallows. But you're not limited to sweet fluffy treats – you can grill sausages, vegetables and many other foods! 
We love cooking over an open fire. Happily Switzerland is green enough that fire building is allowed almost everywhere. Most hikes have official "Feuerstelle" picnic areas, with fire pits, grills, woods, kindling, and sometimes an ax so you can chop your own.
Here are our favorite fire pits in Switzerland. I know, some of these are repeats, but they are worth repeating.
1. Diavolezza Glacier
At Diavolezza in the Engadin, you'll find the amazing Morteratsch glacier and the Highest Feuerstelle in Europe, which was an absolutely irresistible invitation to our crew. It was a short, but a bit challenging hike up to the fire pit, where we had a fun picnic, practically all by ourselves. Our boys were endlessly entertained stacking rocks in various formations. We loved it so much, we never wanted to leave. Read more... 
2. Pigniu Lake
The picnic area at Pigniu has great views of the lake and waterfalls. A few years ago, they add nice new picnic tables and cleaned up the grills, a real treat. We still prefer to build our own fire pit and in spring, we usually bring wood since wood is usually only stocked in summer season. We love this place. Read more...
3. Sihl River near Adliswil
You don't have to go far from Zurich to enjoy nature. There are tons of places to build fires along the Sihl river, as close as Brunau park across from Sihlcity or much farther down the river past Adliswil and onto Baar. We like this spot near the Sihlwald Visitor Center. We found plenty of driftwood and bits in the forest to cook up a hearty lunch. We usually come here on our bikes, but you can also easily get here by car or train. Read more...
4. Gelmersee
After a fun hike around the lake and some wild blueberry picking, we build a fire among the rocks next to the water. Every time we go, the water level is different, so we can't always use our same spot but we don't mind.
Important: You'll need to bring your own wood to this one, there's very little driftwood in this area. Read more...

5. Engelberg Tickle Trail

The picnic area at the Engelberg Tickle Trail is well stocked with wood and kindling and has lots of nice picnic tables and grills. You can even buy sausages to cook at the kiosk up there. The kids can walk around the barefoot path, splash in the pond, search for tadpoles, and run around on the grassy hills while you cook up lunch. The only downside is that it can get very crowded, especially on weekends. So go early to claim a table.  Read more...
6. Rhein Gorge
After hiking down the Rhein Gorge, this spot along the milky river is perfect for admiring the interesting cliff formations from below. There's an official fire pit and camping area in the woods next to the river, but we prefer collecting wood and roasting hot dogs right on the water. We liked waving to the kayaks as they floating by. Maybe we'll try that when the kids are older. Read more...


7. Rigi Panorama Trail
We usually like making our own fire pits, but we also appreciate a well built and well stocked official "Feuerstelle" like this one, with nice picnic tables, shelter from the elements, a sturdy grill, and plenty of wood. Plus the views are fantastic. There are other fire pits on this trail, but this one above Rigi Kaltbad has the best views in our opinion. Read more...
8. Bannalp
Bannalp is so close to Zurich that we've come here sometimes in the afternoon, just to cook up lunch with a nice view when we don't have time for a full day in the mountains. A few years ago, they added nice new picnic tables and benches, which was a nice improvement. The wood pile is usually well stocked and your only challenge is inclement weather, which can make starting the fire a little tricky. Bring some firestarters! Kids can enjoy a marble run and other amusements connected to the dwarf theme trail. Read more...
9. Lai du Pulgionia
This remote lake has so many fire pits, it's hard to choose which one is the best. We went on a rainy spring day, so it was empty but I'm guessing that in high summer, there can be some competition for the best spots. In summer, they stock wood but off season, you'll need to bring your own or scavenge in the woods. Read more...
10. Seealpsee near Appenzell
This is a popular spot for lounging in the sun with a gorgeous view. As we rowed a boat around the lake, we saw lots of fire rings dotting the lakeshore but we had our eye on this one. So when the previous group stood up to leave, we hurriedly rowed to shore and took over, sending Mom back across the lake to return the boat and walk back. We had a bit of trouble finding enough wood but in the end, we had a roaring fire, which helped warm us up after dipping briefly into the cold water. Read more...
What's on your grill menu? Let us know in the comments below!


See all official Swiss fire pits, aka "Feuerstellen," on Schweizer Familie.
All photos © Tanya Deans of Moms:Tots:Zurich
This article originally appeared on Moms:Tots:Zurich and has been reposted with permission from the original author.
Author: Tanya Deans

I moved from San Francisco to Zürich, Switzerland in 2005 with my husband and then toddler son. Like any transition, it was tough at first, but the beautiful Swiss landscape made it much easier to love where I lived. It took us awhile to figure out how to enjoy hiking and traveling with kids, but now it's our favorite thing to do. I want my kids to love being outside and enjoy simple pleasures like picking wildflowers and throwing rocks in a river. So far it's working.

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