49th Trout Festival

  • Date: 29.06.2019
  • Start: 17:00
  • End: 0:00
  • Location: Lake Pfäffikon, Pfäffikon

Our contributor, TAK Erzinger makes a lovely account of this unique and delicious event: 

"To him, all good things- trout as well as eternal salvation - come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy." Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It

'This sentiment comes to mind when one is able to experience The Trout Festival that is held every June and located at the "Pearl on the Lake," Pfaeffikon, Zurich Switzerland. The art and precision there lies in the fact that about every 20 minutes 150 blue trout are cooked in probably one of the biggest pans the world has ever seen. Here the fish swim in a secret recipe created in the southern climes of Europe and humbly accompanied by new potatoes dressed in a golden butter, lemon sauce. These morsels simply and deliciously melt in your mouth. However for those craving a headier flavour have the opportunity to partake in freshly smoked trout from Lake Pfaeffikon itself, also served up with sumptuous spuds and horseradish. This unique festival goes until midnight and is accompanied by a local band and takes places in rain or shine due to its large festival tent. There are usually about 2000 people in attendance during this bucolic festival, where you're served up good food, spirits and a front row seat to the lake.  You will witness its rolling waves nodding lazily in agreement to this summer folly. Not only will you find an eclectic mix of locals from the village, but many former residents return to partake in the event. It's a wonderful chance reacquaint yourself with the people who live around you or simple enjoy a fun evening on the lake. Go on then, let the stars get tangled in your hair and your belly filled with a healthy tradition.' TAK Erzinger

For more information and to reserve tickets go to: http://www.vvp-pfaeffikon.ch/forellenfest

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