A beginners guide to Swiss Fondue Do you know how to fondue?

Issue: Issue 4/2016
Fondue is perfect for the colder months. Fondue is beloved by the Swiss, and often, each region boasts its own special recipe variations.

The special – and sacred – ingredients that make fondue unique are white wine, garlic, kirsch and Gruyère cheese. The magical thing about fondue is that you can mix and blend tastes until you have your own unique flavor.





800 g of your favorite mature cheese, grated or thinly sliced
1 clove of garlic cut in half
4 teaspoons of corn starch
350 ml white wine
1 small glass of kirsch
Freshly ground pepper
Freshly grated nutmeg


1. Prepare your fondue dish by rubbing it with a clove of garlic. This imparts a slight garlic note to your fondue.
2. Mix the Gruyère AOP with the corn starch in the fondue dish
3. Add in the white wine
4. Heat up the cheese and stir in form of an eight - don't boil the cheese
5. Add in the kirsch, and stir 
6. Season with pepper and nutmeg to your taste, and serve 


You can choose one of the classic fondue cheeses: Gruyère, Vacherin Appenzell or Sbrinz.

Gruyère: One of the classical fondue cheese mixtures is Gruyère. Make sure to pick different varieties of maturity.

Vacherin: The Vacherin cheese is famous for its strong taste - therefore it gets mixed often with the Gruyère cheese (this results the classical Fondue moité-moité)

Appenzell: You can blend Gruyère with Appenzell cheese for a smooth fondue.

Sbrinz: If you prefer Sbrinz, you can also mix it with Gruyère for a special treat.


Traditional Swiss fondue is often served with a variety of breads, cut into small cubes, fresh pear, steamed potatoes and pickled vegetables. You can also serve a salad or lightly steamed vegetables for a (slightly) healthier version.

You'll also want a lovely Swiss wine to pair with this meal. One of Switzerland's most beloved fondue and raclette wines is Compleo. It is available at the exclusive Mövenpick wine cellars. At the Mövenpick wine cellars, you can taste a good selection of wines for free! Take an afternoon, and find which wine suits your palate the best. The experts at Mövenpick are happy to help you find your perfect wine.



2015 Compleo - Pinot Gris

Yellow gold. Notes of fragrant apricot and exotic fruits. Great fruit pressure, with a silky palate. Hints of honeymelon and ripe apples. The moderate acidity combines perfectly with an oily full flavor, promising a subtle elegance to the last drop. A very smooth fondue wine, it also pairs perfectly with raclette. 

Make sure to serve chilled, 8 - 10 °C. Price per bottle: CHF 18.90

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