Adult education & courses in Switzerland


Switzerland is renowned for its high quality adult education system, which is well-suited for full and part-time study.

Training institutions are subject to rigorous qualification standards that guarantee high quality training.

Thanks to Switzerland's participation in Europe's Bologna system, gaining entrance to courses of study based on holding foreign qualifications is easier today than ever before.

Several organisations can help with information and advice.

  • Assess education and training options
  • Apply for courses
  • Receive confirmation and pay fees

Need to know

Part-time & special interest courses

  • Although most courses in Switzerland are given in the local language of a particular Swiss region, there are opportunities for professional study in English
  • Part-time and special interest courses: there are special interest courses available for most needs and interests, whether languages, pastimes or new skills. Online learning courses offer schedule flexibility
  • Universities: many universities offer flexible study options for mature students, with evening and Saturday classes allowing for work and family commitments.
  • Post-graduate degree courses can be taken when requirements such as a recognised tertiary education, work experience and permission to study in Switzerland are met
  • Today, people holding non-Swiss qualifications have a better chance than ever of being accepted into Swiss universities thanks to Switzerland's participation in the
  • Bologna system for recognition of foreign qualifications
  • For postgraduate study, factors such as recognition of foreign qualifications, experience and permission to study in Switzerland are taken into account

How to proceed

  • Consider completing language courses, vocational training and business qualifications to make best use of your free time or to make you more competitive in the job market
  • Internships are a popular way to gain important work experience with international and humanitarian organisations
  • At, Swiss Universities offer a database of all degree programmes in Switzerland. It is easy to search for courses offered in English

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How much does it cost

  • Part-time and special interest courses fees vary depending on the topic and the course type
  • Public universities are state subsidised and charge basic tuition fees, while private universities cost more

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