Breakdown recovery and roadside assistance


In Switzerland, roads are good but driving conditions can become difficult, especially in the winter.

It is important to ensure you have a good solution for roadside assistance.

Many company car and standard car insurance policies include a limited degree of breakdown recovery and roadside assistance coverage. These policies generally include pickup services, with recovery work taking place at the closest partner garage of the insurance company.

Full peace-of-mind solutions are provided by national motoring clubs. These are similar to the USA's Automobile Club of America or the UK's Royal Automobile Club, and in Switzerland they carry a similar status of being almost a national institution.

The majority of Swiss drivers are a member of the Touring Club of Switzerland.

The motoring club's roadside assistance patrols aim to fix issues on the spot, statistically guaranteeing immediate onward travel in 8 of 10 breakdowns.

  • Check your regular car insurance policy to understand what coverage you already have
  • Consider whether you would like a full peace of mind solution
  • Consider whether you and your family require coverage that extends to other peoples‘ vehicles
  • Consider whether you need a international breakdown recovery and roadside assistance policy
  • Register for membership of a breakdown recovery and roadside assistance club

Need to know

  • Coverage through insurance or company car policy: the advantage of this level of coverage is that it is included in the insurance policy so no extra costs are incurred.

    The limitation is that immediate onward travel is generally not granted, with the car instead being transported to a garage for inspection and work.

    Mistakes (wrong fuel, key locked in car) are not normally covered
  • Coverage through a national motoring club: members enjoy the most comprehensive level of breakdown recovery and roadside assistance services.

    Immediate onward travel in 8 of 10 breakdowns. Mistakes (wrong fuel, key locked in car) are covered.

    Full policy coverage is granted to drivers when driving any vehicle, not just their regular vehicle.

    Coverage through a club carries a small annual membership fee.

How to proceed

  • Speak to your vehicle insurance provider to fully understand the extent of your breakdown and roadside assistance coverage
  • Assess the additional level of coverage available through a motoring club
  • Compare policies and decide whether you would like full peace of mind
  • Contact a Swiss motoring and mobility club

Where to find help

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How much does it cost

  • Insurance policies and company car coverage: generally included in the car insurance policy
  • Motoring club memberships: typically less than CHF 100 per year

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