Désalpe cow parade Alpine Descent in Charmey

  • Date: 28.09.2019
  • Start: 9:30
  • Location: Charmey, Gruyère , 1637 Charmey FR

The descent of the cows from the mountains is a centuries old beloved tradition in Switzerland. There are numerous ‘desalpe' fairs and festivities throughout Switzerland, but the one in Gruyere is absolutely charming.

La Désalpe de Charmey is the ideal opportunity to discover this ancient tradition in Switzerland. Every year, the farmers bring down their cows from the alpine pasture. This cow parade features the prettiest cows you'll ever see.

Charmey's crowning event of the year, has acquired international renown. Witness the "Rindyà" , a quintessential mountain tradition (in local dialect it means giving back the sheep to their owners). 

Find out more about the Désalpe here.

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