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In this section we present you with some things to consider following your relocation.

Home services:

Hiring correctly – many people employ home staff – cleaners, nannies, gardeners, cooks, etc. Swiss employment law requires social security contributions, wage statements for tax declaration purposes, accident insurance, possession of the appropriate work permit and more. Be sure to obtain professional support to correctly hire and employ home services staff legally. Non-compliant employers are fined heavily.

Home security:

You may wish to consider getting a home security assessment to ensure your new home is safe.

Switzerland is generally a safe country but some areas are at risk. Cities close to France experience a higher level of home burglaries than rural regions. Also, unlike many EU countries, Swiss homes do not have alarm systems or smoke alarms installed as standard.

Settling in and Swiss culture:

There's a lot to learn about Switzerland. To help you feel at home, consider taking a language or culture course, and read about the country and its people.


Boost your language skills

Roxana Schwikert and her team of professional language instructors at Berlitz are here to assist you in finding the most effective language training for your needs.


  • Assess your needs for home services providers (cleaner, nanny, gardener)
  • Find a reliable home services provider
  • Understand Swiss employment law
  • Hire home staff compliantly and correctly in accordance with Swiss employment law
  • Install a smoke detector
  • Install a home alarm system, if required
  • Assess your need for language and cultural training to help you adapt to your new region
  • Choose a language/cultural training school
  • Register for courses and go for it!

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