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Foreign nationals working for more than 8 days in Switzerland need an official work permit. The Swiss immigration process is complex, and involves multiple governmental authorities.

All foreign nationals working more than eight days per year in Switzerland legally require either a work permit or to be officially registered.

Depending on the individual's situation and industry, a permit may be required as of day one in Switzerland.




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Gordana Muggler is Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland.

Gordana and her team of immigration specialists are here to support you and your family members on any matters related to immigration.


Foreign workers in Switzerland

Switzerland has a dual system for the authorization of foreign workers:

  • EU/EFTA nationals enjoy priority access to the labour market.
  • Nationals of all other countries (so-called third country nationals) are allowed entry to the Swiss labour market if they fulfill specific criteria.

The Immigration Services team at BDO advises and supports you expertly and efficiently in all aspects concerning work and residence permit. Our specialists have broad and in-depth practical experience. They know the legal regulations and have been working with the relevant authorities for many years.


BDO offers advice to individuals, allowing you to get an overview of the various residence permit and/or work permit types that may be appropriate for your assignment in Switzerland. Besides handling the entire work and residence permit application process on your behalf, BDO can provide support with topics such as:

  • Application for family reunion
  • Residence permit for people who are not working
  • Naturalization
  • Labour market inspection
  • Perpetuation of a Swiss residence permit in case of a longer stay abroad
  • Advice on Swiss minimum salary recommendations
  • Advice on the extension of a Swiss residence permit in case of unemployment  
Author: Gordana Muggler

Gordana Muggler is Head Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland.

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