Museums Night Enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere in and around Bern's museums.

Issue: 1 / 2014
Friday 21 March is Museums Night in Bern. For this special event the museums have entertainers, special exhibits and lots of delicious food, making it a perfect time to visit your favorite museums or discover new ones. Sam Klein, our youngest contributor, tells us more.

Museums Night - from 7pm to 2am you can visit any museum you want for one price.

Not only that, but there are also classic cars to take you from place to place in style. My tip: if you don't want to wait in line for a long time to ride around Bern in a classic car, don't worry - regular shuttle-buses are included in the price of the ticket.)



Meet me at the Parliament 

The Bundeshaus/Palais Fédéral is the central meeting place for the night's events. It's especially eye-catching with the Museums Night's logo moths projected onto the exterior. If you've never been inside, now's your chance. You will be fascinated by how beautiful the inside of the building is. Be sure to take note of the dome with its mosaic of the cantonal coats of arms. You will also see the rooms where the Swiss Government meets and learn more about how they do their jobs.


Climb the highest mountain

A different museum worth visiting is the Alpine Museum. There you can find out all kinds of facts about the Alps and see the big relief maps giving overviews of the terrain.

On Museums Night they also have fun mountain activities like rock climbing and Alpine-themed games. If you‘re in the mood for raclette for dinner, this is the place to be.


Meet Barry

My favorite museum is the Natural History Museum, where you can see all kinds of stuffed animals including the famous Swiss rescue dog Barry. There are some interesting hands-on exhibits that let you find out what different animals feel like and a fun mirror room.

Another great thing about the museum is that it's next to the churros stand, my favorite Museums Night treat.


Tales of days gone by

Another one not to be missed is the Historical Museum. They hold an entertaining story-telling event for children about life in the medieval times. You can also visit the permanent collection presenting an impression of what life was like Bern in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition about the weaponry they used is especially interesting. There's also the Einstein Museum (not to be confused with the Einstein House) where you can learn about the famous physicist's time in Bern and try to understand his theory of relativity.

Author: Sam Klein

Our youngest Hello Switzerland contributor!

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  • 3/10/14 8:14 PM

    I love visiting museums because it always opens your mind & thought process to something new-something you don't experience day-to-day.
    My favorite so far has been the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam!

  • 3/10/14 10:19 AM

    I love visiting history museums - seeing the past come to life before your eyes!

  • 3/10/14 10:11 AM

    Contemporary art museums are my favorite. I love the spatial experience of being in a giant room with massive paintings.

  • 3/8/14 3:12 PM

    Even if you think you know it all, there's always something unexpected at any museum. And Museums Night concentrates the mind...

  • 3/2/14 3:43 PM

    I love to visit historical Parliament emoticon

  • 2/24/14 11:32 AM

    The museums night is a great opportunity to discover new and exciting things especially for people who normally avoid going to museums emoticon

  • 2/3/14 10:57 PM

    What I love most about visiting museums is the extra sensory experience - feeling rich with new knowledge and amazed at the power of human experience!

  • 1/31/14 8:52 AM

    I love to discover and learn about exciting things emoticon

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