Public Transport


Switzerland's public transport network is extensive, safe and efficient. Trains, trams, buses and boats cover the entire country.

Acquiring the right travelcard for your needs will help you travel easily and affordably. 

  • Consider buying a half-fare travelcard
  • Download the SBB/CFF national timetable and ticketing app
  • Familiarise yourself local transport network
  • Consider buying a monthly or yearly ticket for commuting

Need to know

  • The Swiss Federal Railways network is known as SBB in German, CFF in French, and FFS in Italian
  • Download the SBB/CFF national timetable and ticketing app (comes in English, German, French, Italian)
  • In almost all cases, tickets must be purchased before boarding trains and buses. Not doing so generally carries a fine of at least CHF 100
  • You can choose between first and second class tickets
  • There are several cost saving train travelcards you can purchase
    • The Half-Fare travelcard allows half-price travel on the entire Swiss public transport network
    • The General Abonnement (general subscription) travelcard allows unlimited travel on public transport throughout Switzerland
    • Day cards are one-day travel passes enabling unlimited travel on the Swiss public transport network
    • Track 7 allows free travel from 7pm to 5am for young people under 25 (they must also be holders of a Half-Fare travelcard)
    • The Junior Card allows children between 6 and 16 years old to travel with their parents for free
    • SwissPass: the Half-Fare travelcard and the General Abonnement are issued on the SwissPass card. Additional mobility-related services and benefits linked to the SwissPass include Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike bike-sharing, the SchweizMobil hiking routes app, and ski passes that are loaded onto the SwissPass card.
  • Children under 6 years old travel for free
  • A half-fare ticket is required for dogs not travelling in a carrying case  



Where to find help

Is public transport a viable mobility solution for you - or do you need a car?

Swiss Relocation Helpline

- free advice from locals


Call +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)
Skype: helloswitzerland.helpline (free)

How much does it cost

Prices range depending on your individual ticket choice (adult, child, senior, class choice, etc.)

  • Half-Fare travelcard: 1 year: CHF 175; 2 years: CHF 330; 3 years: CHF 450
  • GA travelcard: 1 year/adult/2nd class: CHF 3,655; 1 year/adult/1st class: CHF 5,970
  • Track 7 travelcard: 1 year for under-25 year olds in possession of a half-fare travelcard: CHF 129
  • Junior travelcard: 1 year for children 6 to 16 years old traveling with a parent: CHF 30

Prices subject to change, correct as per October 2015


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