SIS Cup 2018: International Sports Day at SIS Swiss International School 16 SIS schools, 3 countries – 1 SIS Cup

Issue: 3/2018
SIS schools from Switzerland, Germany and Brazil competed in a two-day tournament to win the third SIS Cup. SIS' International Sports Day was filled with a lot of fun, exercise and team spirit.

From Chess to Table Tennis

Almost a hundred athletes wearing bright jerseys with their names written on their backs and small flags printed on their sleeves arrive at SIS Zürich early in the morning.
In come Germany, Switzerland and Brazil. Upon arrival, they are being led to the gym where the opening ceremony with the local school band, speeches and flag dancing will soon begin.
This summer, just a couple of days before the kick-off of the World Cup, SIS students from all 16 SIS schools came together at SIS Zürich for their very own World Cup, the SIS Cup: SIS' International Sports Day. 
Over two days, SIS students from grades five and six competed in several team competitions, single and double disciplines, such as table tennis, streetball, chess and an obstacle course.
Also the older SIS students had a hand in this year's SIS Cup, joining the games as helpers, referees and reporters. 
And the SIS Cup 2018 goes to…
"Sport is a lot like real life: time and time again you lose and you win. This is not what counts however. What really matters is that regardless of failure or victory you gave your best.
This is something you can be proud of." It is with these words that the closing ceremony at the end of the SIS Cup began.
SIS Basel took the lead after the first day and SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach won the SIS Cup at the end of day two.
The team of ESB Rio de Janeiro came in third place.
Like every year, the SIS Cup finalists and winners of the individual disciplines were awarded and celebrated for their great performance.
16 SIS Schools – One Educational Concept
A bilingual experience, an international outlook with local insight, a diverse day school structure and a strong network are what guarantees learning success at SIS.
International activities such as the SIS Cup seek to enliven and strengthen the network of SIS schools across borders.
SIS operates 16 bilingual day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil. From kindergarten through to secondary and college level, more than 1.500 students from both local and internationally mobile families are educated in English and German at one of the eight SIS schools in Switzerland.
Author: Andrea Furgler

Andrea Furgler is the CEO of Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,700 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

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