SIS Maths Day Maths Olympics at SIS Swiss International School

SIS hosts international maths competition with 338 teams of SIS students.

SIS recently organised an international, online maths tournament across all of its 16 SIS schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil.

Quick calculating, logical thinking and fast hands determined whose school would win at the end of the day.

Most importantly, the 1.400 participating SIS students discovered a different and fun side of maths.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Calculate!

"Another four minutes. We want to win," encourages SIS Zürich-Wollishofen's principal the students. They begin to fidget as they type their answers on to the tablets in front of them as fast as possible. "I'm playing against Germany," calls one student. "Yes! I won!" exclaims another student happily. "Game over," it says on the screen of another student's tablet. And then, with the tinkle of a triangle, the vice principal announces that it is now time to swap teams.

Top bilingual education

Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG, an education group with 8 private bilingual day schools.
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The next group of students, who have been waiting eagerly for their turn, sit down in front of the tablets to collect more points for their team. In the context of this year's SIS Interschool Activity, students from all 16 SIS schools participated in an online maths competition during one afternoon.

The playful elements, speedy character of the game and the fact that students played real-time against other SIS students was a nice and exciting change from a regular maths class. Two days after SIS Maths Day, the top scoring groups at each grade level were announced and received a well-deserved prize in recognition of their achievement.


Playful Mathematics

During SIS Maths Day, students in grades one to ten played against each other using the online-application "Mathletics", which offers customised mathematical problems for each grade in a playful manner. In groups of four to five students from each class, students played for ten to fifteen minutes, collecting points for their group.

Each group member played individually and after one group member finished, the next one started immediately. Group members thus kept rotating until the finish time. Most importantly, students did not only get the chance of improving their maths skills but moreover discovered how fun and exciting maths can really be.

"Mathletics" showed where the individual students were based in, which made SIS' international community really come to life. As such, also students who might not consider maths their favourite subject enjoyed maths day.

SIS Interschool Activities

Once per year, SIS organises interschool activities, which seek to enliven and strengthen the network of the SIS Group.

During this year's interschool activity, SIS Maths Day, international exchange was combined with an interactive math activity. Last year's interschool activity, on the other hand, involved an international story sharing project where SIS students from Switzerland, Germany and Brazil exchanged stories across countries. 

SIS – A Strong Network

SIS operates 16 bilingual day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil, eight of which are based in Switzerland.

More than 1.500 students from both local and internationally mobile families are educated in English and in German in Switzerland, from kindergarten through to secondary and college level.

SIS in an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. In addition to the Swiss bilingual Matura, SIS students can also complete the IB Diploma.

The combination of an international outlook and close ties to the local community empowers the students to take on the challenges of today's globalised world with confidence.

Author: Andrea Furgler

Andrea Furgler is the CEO of Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,800 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

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