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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way (Frank Smith, psycholinguist)." SIS Swiss International School is a private, bilingual day school dedicated to opening these crucial doors on their students' way to a bright future – by means of high-quality bilingual education in German and English.

Moving to Switzerland and especially the absence of a familiar language in everyday life can prove challenging for a family.

However, by giving your children access to a bilingual education and building a local network, you can turn this challenge into a chance of a lifetime.

SIS caters to all educational levels, from kindergarten, to primary and secondary school to college.

Currently, more than 1.600 students attend one of our eight schools in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. SIS offers a platform for children from both local and internationally mobile families to encounter different languages, cultures and people with openness and respect.

Top bilingual education

Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG, an education group with 8 private bilingual day schools.
Marcel and his team of educators are here to help you choose the best bilingual school for your child.


There are 16 SIS schools worldwide – in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil – with more than 3.800 students.

Our intention is that SIS students graduate as global citizens with a strong sense of their origins. The combination of an international outlook and close ties to the local community empowers our students to take on the challenges of today's globalised world with confidence.

Pave Your Child's Way to a Bright Future

While there are many private, international schools in Switzerland offering a holistic education in English, at SIS we place equal importance on the local language and culture.

By offering bilingual classroom instruction and day-to-day school life in German and English, we allow our students to grow new roots in the local environment without them having to give up their international background and outlook.

On all levels, from kindergarten to college, subjects are taught in both languages. Bilingualism, however, is not a requirement for entry at any level.

Special programmes help students to quickly bring their German or English skills up to the necessary level for joining classes – free of charge.

Furthermore, we offer additional courses in both languages that are tailored to students transferring from another school.

Our two colleges at SIS Zürich and SIS Basel are officially designated Swiss Gymnasiums, allowing students unrestricted entrance into all Swiss universities.

Moreover, SIS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School where students can complete the IB Diploma, in addition to the Swiss bilingual Matura. With this dual qualification, students can study at a top university worldwide.

At SIS, the success rate for Matura and IB graduates is typically on a very high level. At SIS Basel, students also have the possibility of obtaining the IGCSE qualification. With the Swiss bilingual Matura or the IB Diploma, there is no limit to the educational opportunities available to our students.

The Colourful World of SIS

SIS is not just a place of learning, it is also a place of making new friends, exchanging ideas and stories, fun and laughter.

Be it while sharing a communal meal, going on excursions, working on a project or before and after school care – students are encouraged to learn and thrive during our diverse curricular and extracurricular activities while at the same time improving their language skills in a natural way.

Snow days, holiday clubs, reading nights, project weeks, Christmas concerts, maths day, sports competitions, Halloween parties, Summerfest and chess club are just some of the many, diverse activities that SIS offers to its students.

We are committed to doing everything we can to support children as they are growing up and to provide a valuable complement to their family life.

SIS teachers hail from diverse backgrounds and deploy a range of teaching and learning methods, showing children a variety of ways to approach and solve problems. SIS' teaching staff are either native speakers of German or English. They are managed by international and dedicated school management teams.

Three Countries – 16 SIS Schools – One Educational Concept

What lies at the heart of teaching and learning at SIS is its unique bilingual educational concept. Each SIS school's curriculum is based on the regulations of the local canton and supplemented by international elements.

In addition, we use our own curricula and materials, such as the newly introduced IT Curriculum where children as early as in kindergarten acquire IT knowledge in a fun and playful manner.

Quality of service is a priority for us. The SIS network ensures consistently high quality standards, as structures and processes at SIS are evaluated and enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Read more about how SIS puts its educational concept into action on our website and discover the manifold benefits of bilingual education for your child today.


Photo: © Palma Fiacco

Author: Andrea Furgler

Andrea Furgler is the CEO of Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,800 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

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