SIS Swiss International School Basel Is an Official Bilingual Matura School An Academic Milestone for SIS Basel

SIS Basel embarks on a new chapter of its success story.

At the beginning of this year, the Cantonal and Swiss Matura Commissions have reached the unanimous decision that SIS Basel is now an officially designated bilingual Swiss Gymnasium.

This announcement not only reflects the excellent quality of teaching at SIS Basel but will also benefit generations of SIS students to come.


Broadening Students' Academic Options

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Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG, an education group with 8 private bilingual day schools.
Marcel and his team of educators are here to help you choose the best bilingual school for your child.


The designation as official bilingual Matura school makes it possible for the students of SIS Basel to gain unrestricted entrance into all Swiss universities, including medical studies and the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschulen in Zürich and Lausanne. SIS Basel has been in the application- and acceptance process of becoming an official bilingual Matura school for the better part of ten years.

Mr Tom Huber, Division Manager at SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG, has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this important milestone possible.

"It certainly has been a worthwhile endeavor to construct this royal road to academic excellence for SIS students with a global vision. At this auspicious moment, I would like to thank the Basel-Stadt Department of Education for their valuable guidance throughout the accreditation process as well as the SIS Bilingual College team for their professionalism and the unwavering dedication to inspire and advance the young adults in their classroom," says Tom Huber.

Indeed, the accreditation significantly enhances the profile of SIS Basel and the educational options it is able to offer to students and families.

With this significant development, SIS Basel has cleared any obstacles that its students might have faced for their smooth graduation as well as providing them with many attractive options for their studies in Switzerland and abroad.

SIS Basel ­– Bilingual Education since almost 20 years

Since 1999, SIS Basel has been putting the bilingual school concept into action – with excellent results. Today, about six hundred students attend SIS' flagship school, which enjoys an unparalleled reputation as the ideal school for children and young adults with big plans for the future in a globalised world.

SIS Basel offers continuous education from preschool through to secondary school and college, culminating in the Swiss bilingual Matura and/or the International Baccalaureate (IB). The two school languages, German and English, act as a bridge connecting the forty-plus nationalities under SIS Basel's roof – and it is precisely this multicultural setting that delivers a host of benefits to students, teachers and parents alike.

Author: Marcel Stähli

Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,800 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

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