The Hirslanden private hospital group Quality care in Switzerland's private hospitals

What are the differences between public and private hospitals? Join Dr. Ole Wiesinger, CEO of Hirslanden, as he discusses the Swiss healthcare system.

Dr. Wiesinger – What is the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group and where in Switzerland are its hospitals located?

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group was established 25 years ago, when Klinik Hirslanden acquired and integrated four other hospitals in Bern, Aarau, Zurich, and Lausanne. Since then, 11 additional hospitals across all Swiss regions have become part of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. Over the years, the hospitals have continuously expanded their range of services and their collaboration with public hospitals. As Switzerland's largest medical network, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group today covers all the relevant specialities.

What kind of treatments do patients seek from Hirslanden?

Orthopaedics is the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group's major speciality, followed by gynaecology/obstetrics, cardiology, and internal medicine. In some hospitals, these specialities make up a large part of the services offered. This applies for cardiology and neuroscience, including interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery. As a result, Hirslanden is able to make a significant contribution to primary healthcare in Switzerland. Additionally, and thanks to the highly specialised medicine, many patients from abroad choose Hirslanden for their treatments.

What does Hirslanden offer patients with private healthcare cover?

Privately insured patients enjoy a wide range of additional services. For instance, they are offered the freedom of choice when it comes to the doctor in charge. Hirslanden also offers privately insured patients individual care and premium hotel-style service. The first hospitals in our group started to offer a special hotel service with qualified professionals 15 years ago. Only a short time later, they even set up a separate department for Guest Relations. The employees in this department are responsible for providing personalised assistance to privately insured patients. They attend to the patients' individual requests throughout their entire stay at the hospital.

What are the differences between private and public hospitals in terms of corporate development?

The differences are manifold, starting with the way they're organised. The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group uses a system of affiliated doctors. This means that the doctors working for the Hirslanden hospitals are usually not permanently employed by the hospital, but run their own practices. These commercially independent specialists consider themselves as entrepreneurs who treat their own patients and work in close collaboration with other physicians of different specialities.

Private hospitals can also be managed more efficiently than public hospitals, as the latter are a constant subject of political considerations. An example is the question of investment decisions, which we can make and implement much faster.

And finally, in the case of Hirslanden, we benefit from economies of scale within our group. For instance, we can profit from synergies by standardising and centralising ancillary services and making them available to all hospitals. This applies to areas such as procurement and logistics, IT, accounting, human resources, and marketing.


The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group consists of 16 hospitals in 11 cantons, many of which have an integrated outpatient centre and emergency department. The group also operates three outpatient clinics, 11 radiology institutes and four radiotherapy institutes. It has 2,000 employed and affiliated doctors, as well as 8,450 members of staff. Hirslanden is the leading private hospital group and the largest medical network in Switzerland.

Hirslanden Private Hospital Group stands for first class medical quality, made possible by highly qualified, experienced doctors. Interdisciplinary medical competence centres and specialist institutes enable optimal and individual treatment of cases, whatever their level of medical complexity. The private hospital group was formed in 1990 out of the merger of a number of private hospitals and became part of the South African hospital group Mediclinic International Limited in 2007.

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The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, since 2007 part of the South African Mediclinic Corporation, is the leading private hospital group and the largest medical network in Switzerland. It consists of 16 hospitals in 11 cantons, and has a good 2,100 employed and affiliated doctors. The group provides the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties, and offers top-notch medical infrastructure (e.g. Da Vinci technology, CyberKnife, TrueBeam, and hybrid operating theatres). The group runs a Center of Excellence that is specialized in the management of international patients.

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