University IFM in Geneva Institute of Finance and Management

We offer international accredited programmes in English and French, degrees in Business Administration with unique specialisations such as Family Business Management or Oil & Gas Trading.

IFM University is a renowned Business School established since 1971 in the centre of Geneva.

We focus on business education and we provide a transformative educational experience to give you a global perspective. Our business degrees represent an excellent opportunity to achieve your goals and a successful career.

IFM offers international programmes taught in English and French, and are accredited by a premier accreditation body. Our programmes are taught by professors who are industry experts with real-business experience. Our curriculums have been designed with business leaders to give students a competitive edge when they begin their careers. Our unique degrees offer a dynamic approach to business studies based on practice and interaction.

Our renovated campus is fully equipped with modern facilities. At IFM, we are a human-size institution, where you receive personalised attention in a friendly and international environment. By completing our business degrees, you will be fully prepared for success at the highest level, in some of the world's most recognised companies.

We offer Bachelor's and Master's (MBA) degrees in Business Administration, with the following specialisations: Banking & Finance, International Business, Communication & Marketing, Family Business Management, Oil & Gas Trading, and Entrepreneurship.

Author: Samir Sbih

Samir Sbih is the IFM University’s Director.

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