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Hello Switzerland's Relocation Helpline service has been serving the international community since 2014.

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Get expert knowledge and solutions to answer all questions related to researching, relocating and residing in Switzerland.

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You can contact us any time, but most people choose to book a Planning & Guidance Call, our most popular service.

You'll get straight to the heart of the topics that matter the most to you and your family, receiving the answers you need.

Circular Relocation Journey

Our Planning & Guidance Calls are available in three flavours:

  • Research: You're in a 'Research' phase: we'll answer your questions and help you to understand options, timelines and requirements
  • Relocation: You're in a 'Relocate' phase: we will help you to structure your to-do list based on our experience, and provide you with options of qualified service providers
  • Reside: You're in the 'Residence' phase, now living in Switzerland: We'll provide you with recommendations and special offers for essential services while you're here

How does it work?

You'll speak to an experienced Customer Service Adviser for typically 30-45 minutes.

Our advisers have expert knowledge about coming from abroad to live and work in Switzerland.

Our goal is ensure that everything goes smoothly for you, and there are no hiccups or wasted time.

Depending on your specific personal needs, our Adviser will provide you with answers to your questions, guide you towards services, and ensure you stay on your desired timeline.

Extended service

You will find our Guidance & Planning call service to be efficient and effective. Our advisers are of course available to support you for as long as you require, with a simple pricing model for extended service based on the same competitive hourly rate we apply to the core guidance and planning call.


Frequently Asked Questions Guidance Call

  • You will speak to a Hello Switzerland Expert you will be able to ask all your questions related to your upcoming relocation to or from Switzerland or your time spent in Switzerland.
  • By the end of the call you will have answers and solutions to your main challenges. You will receive links to specific expert knowledge or to general content. You will have agreed to setting up assessment calls or meetings with experts. Depending on the service, you will even have agreed to receive a quote or contract.
  • You can estimate 30 to 45 minutes.

  • You do not need to prepare. The Hello Switzerland Expert will confirm the call time & date and reach out to you by phone.

  • In preparation for the call, it is helpful for the Hello Switzerland Expert to understand in which phase you are in.
    • Are you considering relocating to Switzerland and seeking general information? Then you are in the Research phase.
    • Are you already confirmed to relocate and getting things done? Then you are in the Relocation phase.
    • Are you already living in Switzerland or have arrived a few months ago? Then you are in the Residence phase.
  • If you are in the research phase, then you are planning your relocation. You may have not yet decided to move to Switzerland. At this stage, it is important you understand what to expect once you are in Switzerland, so you can make a well-informed decision.
    Typical questions could be: What are the challenges when searching for a new property in Switzerland? How does the Swiss tax and social security system work? Is it worth importing my car? Is there bilingual education in Switzerland? What activities can I expect for my family and myself?
  • If you are in the Relocate phase this means you have decided to relocate, or you have signed your Swiss work contract and you are getting things done now. At this stage, it is important you get the right solutions and receive appropriate guidance from experts.
    Typical questions could be: How do I arrange the move of my household goods? Where should I open a bank account? Which insurances are relevant for me in Switzerland? Where can I find a fully serviced temporary accommodation? Where can I get high-quality telecommunications provider in an easy way?
  • If you are in the Residence phase, this means you have arrived a few months ago or have been living in Switzerland for a while. You are no longer under pressure to solve various time sensitive challenges related to your relocation, but you still have some vital questions related to your life in Switzerland.
    Typical questions could be: What do I need to consider for my tax declaration, especially if I own international assets? Where can I find a top-quality language course with a flexible schedule? Where do I get the best breakdown coverage for my car? If I am planning to leave Switzerland, what do I need to consider?
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