Tageskarte Gemeinde One-day travel passes at your commune

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Communes have a certain number of one -day travel passes available monthly.

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  • 8/26/13 8:45 AM

    great way to safe money and discover Switzerland

  • 8/23/13 9:48 PM

    Not every city is represented on the website. Just go to the main site of your village and search for tages karte. Most of the villages have them, maximum of 4 tages karte per person. You are allowed to pass them on to friend etc.

  • 8/20/13 6:46 PM

    one of the cheapest ways of getting around with public transportation if you don't own a GA or half-fare travelcard.

  • 7/10/13 3:39 PM

    Unfortunately not every city/village is represented on the website...

  • 7/9/13 3:56 PM

    For everyone who likes to travel: This link is really helpful. Obtain a 1-day travelpass for a special price at the municipal administration where you live.The website allwos you to check if passes are available on a certain day...


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