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Education Server for Basel-Stadt The cantonal Education Server for Basel-Stadt, information for teachers and the public (only in German); on the Educational System in Basel-Stadt. Various brochures on the education system in Basel- Stadt (mostly in German), which can be ordered at the following address: Erziehungsdepartement Basel-Stadt Leimenstrasse 1 4001 Basel Tel: +41 (0)61 267 84 00 Schools for Basel-Stadt A brochure on the Educational System of Basel-Stadt (held in various languages), Edition 2004 • Die Bildungswege nach der Orientierungsschule A brochure for students in the third year of Orientierungs- schule • Die Bildungswege nach der Weiterbildungsschule A brochure for teenagers completing the WBS • Informationsveranstaltungen für Eltern Overview of the meetings on preparation for kindergarten and school (held in various languages)

4051  Basel
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