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If you are in need of support with an emotional problem, counseling may be one of the right approaches for you to help working through your concerns for a positive result. Caroline Garrod is a highly experienced and fully qualified Adult, Couples and Child Behaviour Therapist, providing Counselling all over Switzerland via Phone, Skype or Face to Face at her practice in Lugano .

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  • 9/2/19 9:25 PM

    For quite some time Caroline was my weekly fix-point in my calendar and I was always looking very much forward to talk to her. She doesn’t judge nor is she in any way condescending. Conversely, she supported, pointed out and helped me find my very own way back into my marriage and back into myself. Luckily, she facilitates her vast experience and know-how in a rather scientific manner with comprehensible, tangible and feasible steps forward instead of trying to bluntly apply some psycho-analytical voodoo. I was always very comfortable with her, because she never asked me to change or to be someone else. However, with her guidance my methods changed incrementally after every session. As a result I now feel great and at ease with the world and more importantly this rubs off on people around me. My relationships especially my marriage has improved considerably. Thank you Caroline!

  • 8/28/19 8:40 PM

    My wife and I started phone counseling and we are very happy with the results of the sessions. Even though we have never meet Caroline personally, we feel extremely comfortable talking to her. Highly recommended!

  • 10/31/16 9:57 AM

    My husband and I are getting support from Caroline via phone counselling. As already mentioned many times, Caroline is very easy to speak with and clearly has a wealth of experience. Counselling over the phone is surprisingly easy and in some ways probably allows you to speak more openly.

  • 10/17/16 7:07 PM

    It was very easy speaking with Caroline, she is very caring and understanding and offered me a lot of helpful advice which I really appreciate. She's is very personal and made me feel quite comfortable taking about my issues. I would definitely recommend her.

  • 1/7/16 4:15 PM

    Caroline offers a very friendly, caring and quality service and you feel totally at ease with her at all times. Would strongly recommend her services

  • 1/4/16 10:00 PM

    Caroline was a great help to me and my wife, we had individual and couples telephone counselling sessions. It is invaluable to have someone to talk to and Caroline makes you feel comfortable from the start which is good as counselling can feel like a daunting prospect.

  • 12/21/15 2:06 PM

    I learned a lot from Caroline in just a short time. I would highly recommend her. She takes pride in her work and seems to genuinely care about the well-being of her clients.

  • 11/2/15 12:39 AM

    I would most definitely recommend Caroline. Not only did she provide with expert counseling at a time of need, but she also had the professionalism to refer me to a colleague of hers for specialized attention. Her flexibility and use of technology only makes it easier for those of us who had never had counselling. I'm grateful for her help. BR

  • 8/25/15 8:42 AM

    Without any hesitation I woud recommed Caroline as a counsellor. She is totally focused on her task and has a wealth of experience in her field. One feels immediately relaxed upon meeting her which is condusive to a positive result. She is genuinely interested in you as an individual and together with her wonderful humour (so important, in my view) she will ensure that you embark on the correct path to solving your problem. Definitely a 5* rating. - more were it possible.

  • 8/12/15 6:26 PM

    I can recommend Caroline as a counsellor due to her empathetic approach, personal nature and understanding of what expats are going through. This is not traditional counselling where everything is structured, it is very much tailored and personalized to your own position, with no pre-judging and flexibility in every session to change direction and approach.
    I can honestly say that with Caroline's support and help in the short time I have been seeing her, that things are already a lot easier to handle, manage and deal with. If you need someone to listen and help you develop, caroline is the right person for you. Do not hesitate as I did for a couple of years, that is my only regret.

  • 3/8/15 11:38 PM

    I can absolutely recommend Caroline as a counselor. She combines an empathetic and open attitude with a professional counselling offering, and she also available on Skype which is very practical and convenient. As an expat herself, she "gets" what it's like to live in Switzerland as an expat, with the unique challenges and feelings that come with a new life here. She is so positive (always a good thing!) and she has a knack for showing you different ways in which to view a situation. I have gained a new perspective since speaking to Caroline and she is always full of great advice. I like the fact that she is a really genuine person and that she has the experience and qualifications as well.

  • 2/27/15 11:40 PM

    So glad I contacted Caroline and her Counselling service . Arriving here in Switzerland as an Expat was daunting to stay the least. Incredibly hard. Not only was I facing a new job and the challenges that came with it , I had no local friends, I didn't speak the language and really regretted my move here.
    Not only was Caroline a great friendly Counsellor , she listened and truly empathised with how I was feeling . Furthermore she offered me the benefit of her experience as an Expat and gave me advice on how to integrate into the community and also how to handle my not so friendly Swiss Boss and the way Swiss Culture works !!
    Thank you Caroline for helping me survive those dark days and 2 years down the line I'm still here and much happier ! I cant recommend Caroline enough.

  • 2/23/15 10:47 PM

    I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline and her Expat Counselling service for Couples.

    Moving abroad to Zurich , Switzerland as British Expats put a huge strain on our relationship and we were so lucky to have found Caroline a British Expat herself , so she understands what its like but also an experienced Qualified UK Counsellor . She was so friendly and easy to talk to. She didn't take sides and supported us both. She had an amazing bag of tools to help guide us and support us and not only help us with the transitions of living abroad but made our marriage stronger. We are now back in the UK but I strongly advise anyone struggling to give Caroline a call. Thanks Caroline , a 5 Star rating from us x

  • 2/1/15 10:04 PM

    Caroline is the most amazing therapist I’ve ever met (and I’ve met quite a few!). Not only is she very professional, she is also a really warm and genuine person, who truly cares about and understands what you’ve been through. She always shows the highest degree of empathy and she is never afraid of bringing in her personal experience when giving advice.

    HIGHLY recommended!

    Thank you Caroline, meeting you was like ‘coming home’.

  • 9/13/14 10:51 PM

    If you seek someone to help you out in your personal matters I strongly recommend Caroline. She is very competent and she deals with any of your problems with professional touch. I have known Caroline since 2009 and I still am in contact with her. She is reachable via Skype too.

  • 9/11/14 5:37 PM

    Caroline is a wonderful therapist, and in all the eight years I have known her, she has always been very professional, kind and would go out of her way to find the time in her busy schedule. When a face-to-face meeting is not possible, she assist via phone as well as Skype. She is someone to depend on and I would highly recommend her.

  • 9/10/14 9:06 PM

    Caroline is *the* professional counsellor that you might just need - progressive, thoughtful, attentive, and knowledgeable. I learnt a huge amount about myself and how to put my work and personal life back on the rails. Life saver. Ever reachable of course via Skype.or phone.

  • 9/10/14 6:36 PM

    Caroline is a first class therapist , always showing the highest degree of integrity , empathy and understanding. If you can meet her face to face its of course preferred however I had cause to connect via both Skype and telephone in the past and was impressed at how adaptable Caroline's approach is to ensure a very personal and warm dialogue even if remotely managed - she therefore comes VERY highly recommended from me.

  • 9/4/14 12:08 PM

    If you've ever thought a little counselling may help you live your life differently, please don't waste any more time... I wish I'd spoken to Caroline 20 years ago.
    Caroline, again thankyou...

  • 7/23/14 1:40 PM

    I had a really great experience working with Caroline. She is a caring and practical guide who taught me to look at the interactions I have with people differently, and to recognize where behaviors I exhibit come from. It's helped me be more self-aware and increased my empathy for others, too.

  • 6/8/14 6:38 AM

    Caroline has a breadth of experience which helps her identify the direction you need to follow and gently guides you towards finding it for yourself. Thank you Caroline!

  • 6/6/14 2:17 PM

    Caroline has a wealth of expertise and skill in addition to her excellent academic qualifications. She has a simple and structured approach to help show the wood from the trees. She provides practical tools which are easy to understand and use in your real life challenges. In addition to her genuine care and attention to you as an individual her service is unique by understanding the environment of an expat and the trials as tribulations that brings to an individual professionally and personally. For me she has helped me to make key turning points in both my home and work environments. Thank you.

  • 6/6/14 12:02 PM

    My Australian wife (I am the Swiss husband) needed a counsellor with English mother tongue and we are very happy we found Caroline. Caroline is a foreigner in this country, too, and therefore understand exactly how my wife feels about the Swiss culture and the problems that come with it. Caroline's got a good (english) sense of humor, and that helps a lot, too. We live in Zurich, and counseling by phone is much easier and efficient than we though. Two thumbs up for Caroline!

  • 4/30/14 3:14 PM

    what can I say ,great person with sound advice and boy do we all need it to deal with our anxieties coming from such warmer temperaments and moving to such closed and narrow minded places we need to face up to our differences and give everyone a chance after all Switzerland is not that bad its only the most expensive place to live on the planet Earth.mrs garrod is the lady to help you out

  • 4/29/14 2:15 PM

    Caroline gives sound advise and is clearly interested in the well being of the people around her, and this is also an opportunity to thank her: thank you Caroline!

  • 4/28/14 2:53 PM

    Very pleasant and useful counselling

  • 4/17/14 2:08 AM

    Caroline an amazing counselor. Coming from the US, I am used to superior therapy. She has been nothing but the best for my anxieties! I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much!

  • 4/16/14 11:23 PM

    Caroline is extremely results-oriented and proactive in her approach. She has so many tools in her toolbox, and she knows just when to pull them out. If you want to change your life, Carolyn will be your guide.

  • 4/15/14 2:58 PM

    Caroline does great work with both kids and adults alike. She has a very easy, friendly way about her...but she doesn't let you off the hook. She uses her years of experience to truly help people. I would recommend her.

  • 4/14/14 6:14 PM

    Caroline is so very good at what she does - she is a intuitive and wise counsellor who brings a real warmth and empathy and passion to every session
    She listens and she "gets it " every time - a great professional

  • 4/14/14 5:22 PM

    A very practical approach, based on helping you to help yourself

  • 4/14/14 12:22 PM

    Talking to Caroline is like checking in with an old friend who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Her warmth and openness are solidly backed by huge experience and a real gift for doing what she does. She has certainly made me see the world differently, and I would recommend her unreservedly.

  • 4/14/14 12:16 PM

    Caroline is such a blessing to us. She helped us a lot though her sweet and friendly approach. I can say that she is the best among we have tried. She knows and loves her craft very well. I'll take this opportunity to thank you and you know very well how grateful we are.

  • 4/14/14 11:49 AM

    Caroline is highly approachable and understanding, as well as being extremely well-qualified in what she does. Her background in the NHS sets her apart from the rest. Would gladly recommend.

  • 4/14/14 9:20 AM

    Professional , balanced and get's clients well on the way to self realisation and self induced change. "step out, and look in" reveals all and is helping us change our lives for the better. Caroline is focussed and tells it as it is. Comfortable surrounding and relaxed atmosphere to put you at ease. Only go to see her if you are convinced you are ready to get the personal realisation, results especially in any particularly sensitive areas of your life.


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