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Online, but personal, weight loss course. Please allow yourself time to reach your ideal weight! You can avoid ending up with the weight cycling, also known as the yo-yo effect, by making constructive changes to your lifestyle. You surely also want to reach and sustain your ideal weight on the long-run and not only for a little while? By taking action now you might prevent future medical issues. Long-lasting overweight is suggested to increase risks for diseases like diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease, sleeping disorders and joint problems. A healthy eating- and exercise pattern may help you to feel healthy, have more energy and sleep better. I like SLIM offers online weight loss coaching to healthy adults with a BMI between 18.5 and 30, in order to: -Give you a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle -Help you in a personal and confidential manner -Enable you to continue living a healthier lifestyle, after finishing the programme The programme offers: -General eating & exercise advice -Advice for getting a more structured day & week planning -Inspiration to create your own daily menus through menu examples -Useful information about food, exercise & behaviour -Questions & assignments After having followed the programme: -You will be more active and feel more energetic -You will be inspired to make good food & exercise choices -You will have taken the first steps to achieve your ideal weight and a healthier lifestyle

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