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Ataraxie - Massages

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Massage treatment is a constant source of healing and re-energizing. Having regular therapy could be of great assistance to your health and wellbeing as it helps to relax body and mind, relieves physical pain, psychological stress. While immersing yourself in the magic of the present moment you focus on essentials and develop self-consciousness. Sessions available by appointment.

Avenue de Villamont 19, 1005 Lausanne

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Jacobsen Massage & Therapie

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Beckenhofstrasse 1, 8006 Zürich

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Massage and various therapies BERN-BASEL-ZURICH

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Seefeldstrasse 172, 8008 Zürich

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Praxis van Bentum

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Waldstätterstrasse 9, 6003 Luzern

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