A day like a Lausanner
More ideas to spend a day like a Lausanner

A day like a Lausanner

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Spend a day like a Lausanner thanks to this selection of sports, gourmet and cultural addresses.

More ideas to spend a day like a Lausanner

9:30am Jogging in Ouchy

Let’s start the day the best way, like a real Lausanner! Rendez-vous in Ouchy, on the shores of Lake Geneva, for an early morning jog.

What’s better than getting some fresh air with an amazing view between lake and mountains?

Ouchy Place de la Navigation  ©Elmedina Shureci


11 - 12:30am: Brunching at the Java

Let’s head to the Java for a brunch menu that is as varied as it is delicious: savoury, sweets, salads, tartars… you’ll find much to taste. The cosy and relaxed décor makes you feel at home!

Le Java ©Java


1 - 3pm: Shopping through Lausanne’s streets

Shopping becomes part of the enjoyment in Lausanne, where every variety of shop is represented within easy walking distance in the city centre.

There is something to suit every taste among luxury watchmakers, boutiques with designer clothes and accessories, enticing chocolateries and even open-air markets!

Open market in Lausanne  © Lausanne Tourism/ Laurent Kaczor


3:30 - 4:30 pm: Take a break at Café de Grancy

We make a beeline for Café de Grancy, two minutes away from the train station, to reboot.

We love this bustling sous-gare café where it feels like you’ve been invited by a friend – almost like home! During sunny days, we like to enjoy our coffee on the lovely terrace.

Cafe de Grancy  © Laurent Kaczor


4:35 - 6pm: A cultural trip to Plateforme 10

After a well-earned break at Café de Grancy, we head off to discover Plateforme 10, a new arts district. It has the advantage of being just next door! In fact, it is due to its proximity to the train station that the word ‘Plateforme’ was chosen, while the number 10 refers to an additional platform scheduled to be built at Lausanne train station.

There’s no excuse: take a five-minute walk to move from a great café to some great museums! We make the most of our visit to see the current exhibition at the fine arts museum, Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, which opened its doors on 5 October 2019.

Plateforme 10 © Jean-Bernard Sieber


6:30 - 9pm: Fondue at Chalet Suisse

Even during summer days, Lausanners like to eat fondue! Let’s take some altitude up to Sauvabelin and properly finish the day with a fondue pot, bread and good company.

Fondue pot © Laurent Kaczor