Career & Salary in Switzerland

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You probably heard only superlative things about Switzerland so far and are now trying to decide whether to relocate here or not. Here are some infos on career and salary to help you decide. Still in doubt? Book a Guidance Call and talk to one of our relocation experts.

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Working in Switzerland

Switzerland has a low unemployment rate. Although the cost of living is high, salaries cover expenses and even leave workers with remaining disposable income.

About 70% of employment in Switzerland is in the services sector (Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office). Small to medium-sized enterprises with 250 or fewer employees dominate, employing two-thirds of the workforce.

Applying for a job in Switzerland

Applying for a job in Switzerland can be a complex and daunting process in the beginning. Presentation and support of claims to experience, skills and education are important. In a competitive market, your job application must stand out from the rest and convey a positive image. It is expected that a comprehensive curriculum vitae/resume complete with all supporting documents and references is provided, along with a letter of motivation, which can be the key to being granted an interview.

Of course, luck, timing, patience and tenacity will play important roles in finding a job in Switzerland.

Swiss salary calculator

Once you have been offered a job in Switzerland, check your salary with this highly detailed tool, Salarium (Federal Statistical Office)


Do you have more questions about career and salary in Switzerland? Talk to one of our relocation experts.

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