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Michelin-star food, courses & innovation. EHL in Lausanne will immerse you in fine dining and premium hospitality management studies.

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On top of Lausanne, sits Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world’s top-ranking university for hospitality management studies and Switzerland’s oldest hotel school. Discovering EHL will change the way you see university studies by showing you the fascinating world of hospitality education. 

The campus features a Michelin-starred restaurant, Gourmet Boutique, Innovation Hub and more than 3,200 classy international students of 120 different nationalities.

Just one look will have you dreaming of a global hospitality career or starting your own business. 

EHL was founded in 1893 as the world’s first hotel school, and in 2020, it ranked the world’s number one university for hospitality management studies for the second year in the row (QS World University Rankings by subject and CEO World Magazine). 

Far from letting success go to their heads, the students and staff at EHL are infinitely welcoming and anyone can visit the campus to discover what EHL has to offer in education, fine dining and business support. 


One Bachelor’s Degree, Two Pathways, Three Locations

EHL’s Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management is a solid business degree foundation with added hospitality experience, which gives students valuable skills in creating exceptional customer experiences. It offers students the choice of two pathways (Academic or Professional) and three campus locations: Lausanne or Passugg, in Switzerland and Singapore. 

The three beautiful EHL campus locations: Lausanne, Passugg and Singapore



In the Preparatory Year, students explore hotel operations and food & beverage concepts on the Lausanne campus and complete an internship to learn to manage themselves as individuals and professionals.

The second and third years focus on management theory and include another 6-month internship, to ground the students’ knowledge of management tools and roles. 

The final year features a real-world student business consulting project and career-focused electives.

Through these experiences, students develop transferrable skills such as agility, communication skills, self-confidence, team-work skills and the art of persuasion, which prepares them for leadership roles in the hospitality sector and many other fields.

The hospitality bachelor course in Singapore allows students to gain a wider global perspective during the bachelor’s degree. They experience Singapore’s big-city vibes and dive into the tech culture as they learn from the examples of multinational businesses, refined tourism and culinary options that abound in Singapore. Students can also choose to enroll in Switzerland (Lausanne or Passugg) and spend a semester in Singapore, or vice-versa. 


The Professional Pathway takes place in Passugg

Based on the EHL campus in Passugg, in a region known for luxury resorts and Alpine tourism, the Professional Pathway  offers a good balance of hospitality training and work experience, alternating with management and business courses. This path prepares “full-grown” professional graduates who have a solid work experience when entering the job market. 


Hospitality is So Much More

If you think hospitality is just about hotels and restaurants, then you can learn a lot from EHL Alumni, who are leading brilliant careers in a wide variety of industries. Nearly half of all EHL alumni work in sectors outside of hospitality, tourism and F&B, and 50% of them are CEOs, owners, and executive managers. Every year, top international companies such as Apple, LVMH, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Tesla, and many others, actively recruit EHL graduates. 

EHL’s student-staffed gastronomical training restaurant, the Berceau des Sens (BDS), won a Michelin star for the second year in 2020. The high-quality food and service there is a tribute to the dedication of students and EHL’s industry-awarded instructors, some of whom are MOFs (winners of the prestigious Meilleur/e Ouvrier/ière de France awards). Students are also involved in the Gourmet Boutique, which sells fresh pastries and bread, macarons, fine chocolates and desserts, terrines and other delicacies. 


Innovation Hub

At EHL’s Lausanne campus, technology and innovation are blended into the classes. The bachelor students participate in a Research & Development workshop where they test prototypes and launch new product lines. EHL’s Innovation Village, just next door to the campus, hosts startups and connects them with entrepreneurs seeking new ways to implement the latest trends. EHL students even have the option to intern in their own startup, in place of the second internship.  

Experience EHL

Would you like to experience EHL firsthand? Don’t hesitate to contact the school to request a visit or to reserve a table at EHL’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

You can also visit the Virtual Open Day, which offers virtual tours, a presentation of the bachelor’s degree, and videos about the practical arts courses. EHL’s admissions team members are available assist you to choose a program and prepare an application.

Contact or visit to learn more.

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