Must see and do this winter in Zermatt
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Must see and do this winter in Zermatt

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Look closely at the mountain in this gorgeous photo. It kind of - sort of has a familiar look, doesn't it? It's one of the most famous mountains in the world and definitely the most famous in Switzerland. (Hint: you probably tasted its chocolaty form).

And if the penny hasn't dropped, you're looking at the beautiful Matterhorn (lovingly also referred to as the 'Toblerone mountain'). The charming village of Zermatt, lies at the foot of the Matterhorn and it's one of the most beloved winter destinations in Switzerland.

Care to find out why?

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Why is Zermatt such a great place to visit in winter?

There are so many drop-dead-gorgeous places to see in Switzerland in winter, one more beautiful than the next, and if we had to choose, we'd honestly be lost. But Zermatt is definitely on our top 5 (here are more of our favourite destinations). 

Zermatt is a charming mountain village, as traditional as it gets, despite its huge popularity. You'll see high-end stores, stylish hotels (by the way, the best hotel in the world is in Zermatt - yes, in the WORLD!) and gourmet restaurants (the best restaurant in Switzerland and the best chef in Swizerland are in guessed it). Zermatt also has the highest density of gourmet restaurants in the Alps. 

But with all its glitz and glamour, Zermatt is still a cozy, homey, approachable and absolutely enchanting place to be in. Not to mention, there are so many things to see and do, a weekend is almost never enough. 

These are our hand picked tips for what to see and do in Zermatt in winter.

Must see & do in Zermatt in winter

Zermatt is the place to be for winter sports enthusiasts, but we guarantee there are so many lovely ways to explore Zermatt even if you're not a ski or snowboard fan. 

Ski & snowboard in Zermatt

Recently, Zermatt has been awarded the title of Best Ski Resort in the Alps third year in a row and that's saying something.

You can basically ski in Zermatt all year round, there's guaranteed snow on the surrounding glaciers. In winter, it's just double or triple the fun, with more impeccable slopes opened, all the way to Italy

Find here more about skiing & snowboarding in Zermatt.

Your perfect ski slope. Close your eyes, feel the wind, smell the crisp air - you're in one of the most beautiful places in the world... © Zermatt / Pascal Gertschen. 


What's there to do in Zermatt if you don't ski? 

Snowboard (just joking!). How about a crisp winter hike? Or sledging?

Our tip: the Gornergrat sledge run is one of the most beautiful in the Alps and the highest in Switzerland. 

From curling to ice skating, from winter hiking to helicopter rides, take your pick and explore this beautiful corner of the world.

And here are two of our bucket list ideas, unique experiences to try at least once in a lifetime: 

Ride with the huskys at the foot of the Matterhorn

Ride in a husky pulled sledge, at the foot of the Matterhorn. It's simply unique.  © Zermatt / Wenger Leander

Sleep in an igloo

There's a bar in the Zermatt Igloo Village, a restaurant, an outdoor jacuzzi and the sleeping areas look amazing.

 © Zermatt / Iglu Dorf

Ready for more tips for what to see & do in Zermatt?

Hop on the historic Gornegrat Railway

The ride in the quaint cog wheel train is quite an experience on its own. The views are amazing and once you get to the top of the Gornegrat peak, the Matterhorn appears in all its splendor. More here.

Visit the 'Matterhorn glacier paradise'

From Gornegrat, take a cable car to the Matterhorn glacier paradise - Europe's highest cable car station (at 3.883m above sea). At the very top you can admire the 38 four-thousanders in three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland.

Our tip (only works if you're a skier/ snowboarder): don't go back by cable car, hop on your skis/ snowboard and enjoy 360 km of impeccably groomed slopes in the international ski area. If you're not too sure of your skills, you can hire a Zermatters expert guide

Who are the Zermatters? 

The Zermatters are outdoor specialists and perfect guides, ideal if you're discovering Zermatt for the first time. They'll show you the most spectacular ski slopes, most jaw-dropping hiking trails, the best bike trails or the most breathtaking mountain tours.

What's there to do in Zermatt with kids?

Meet Wolli, an absolute star in Zermatt, the sweet cutesy sheep no kid can resist © Zermatt / Pascal Gertschen

We won't go through all the many many winter activities for kids, they're too many to count. You'll find here some excellent suggestions for outdoor activities (plus you'll find out where and when you can meet Wolli - every Monday, Wolli shows up to meet his fans). 

What you should know is that with the Wolli Card kids under 9 years old travel for free on all cable cars, benefit from free overnight stays in a range of locations and get free children's meals, ski hire and museum entry.

Kids under 16 years old only pay half price for cable car tickets and travel for free on Saturdays. 

You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time in Zermatt.

And last but not least, an important piece of practical information.

How do you get to Zermatt? 

Zermatt is car free, so the only way you can reach it is by train from Täsch. Once you arrive in Zermatt, the only vehicles you can get around in are eTaxis, eBus or, horse drawn carriage (obviously, the most awesome way to move around). 

See you soon in Zermatt!

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We'll be there, sipping on this Aperol Spritz, on our way to the closest gourmet restaurant  © Zermatt / Pascal Gertschen.