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Since 2011, Helvetia has supported the Protection Forest initiative and has financed the planting of over 430,000 trees. Moreover, Helvetia is a partner of the Alpine Protection Forest Award, which honors outstanding projects in the entire Alpine region.

You too can play a part in forest protection while also taking good care of your retirement, thanks to Helvetia’s expertise.

Secure your future in Switzerland

As a foreign resident in Switzerland, benefits paid will be significantly reduced because of missing years in your contributions. 

Do you know what your income will be if you or your partner become disabled as a result of illness or accident?

Many foreign residents to Switzerland do not realize that disability cover during the first few years is modest, particularly in the case of inability to earn resulting from illness.

In these cases only the disability insurance and the pension fund would pay a pension.

During the first year of employment the employer is only obliged to continue paying a salary for three weeks.

For this reason several employers take out collective daily benefits insurance for their employees so that in the event of illness at least 80% of the salary will continue to be paid for two years.

After that, newcomers are entitled to only a minimum disability pension and benefits from the pension fund.

However, as several pension funds make their benefits dependent on the saved capital, this pension is usually not enough to cover ongoing costs.


Schedule a pension check and become a tree owner

Schedule a free consultation with a Helvetia adviser in your region and understand in detail what to expect in terms of pension gap. We’ll explain how you can even the balance with suitable and inexpensive insurance solutions.

For each free consultation Helvetia will offer you your personal Protection Forest certificate, meaning Helvetia will donate a tree to a ‘Protection Forest’ project in your name.

This special offer is valid only if you request the free consultation via Hello Switzerland.